Thursday 26 April, 2018
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Posted By: Howard Johnson
Howard Johnson

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Mike Pompeo

The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday approved the nomination of President Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, after a Republican senator who had been opposed threw his support behind the nominee. The...

By Howard Johnson on Apr 24th, 2018
Google's SMS replacement

Google has started the global roll-out of its new Chat messaging service, which is designed to replace SMS text messages on Android phones. Chat has features such as group texts, videos, typing indicators and read receipts, which are not available...

By Howard Johnson on Apr 22nd, 2018

The pound has continued its recent strong run against the dollar pushing firmly above $1.43. It is the seventh session in a row that the pound has made gains against the US currency. The strong run means that, among the G10 group of rich nations,...

By Howard Johnson on Apr 17th, 2018

Tesla has been removed from the investigation into the fatal crash of one of its semi-autonomous vehicles. In March, a Tesla vehicle operating in Autopilot mode crashed in California, killing the driver. Tesla has suggested the driver was at...

By Howard Johnson on Apr 15th, 2018
California Highway Crash Injures

A pickup truck pulling a horse trailer crashed in Southern California on Saturday, injuring more than a dozen people who may have been in the U.S. illegally, according to reports. The Ford F-250 and the trailer that it was pulling got separated...

By Howard Johnson on Apr 8th, 2018
US-China trade

Beijing has vowed to retaliate after the United States published a list of about 1,300 Chinese products it plans to hit with a 25% tariff. The White House said the proposed extra tax on the imports was a response to unfair Chinese practices...

By Howard Johnson on Apr 4th, 2018

A defunct Chinese space lab broke apart as it hurtled through Earth’s atmosphere Monday and plunged towards a watery grave in the South Pacific, Chinese officials said. The Tiangong-1 “mostly” burnt up above the vast ocean’s...

By Howard Johnson on Apr 2nd, 2018
Trump Tower

The carefully maintained secrecy around President Trump’s finances is under unprecedented assault a year into his presidency, with three different legal teams with different agendas trying to pry open the Trump Organization’s books. On...

By Howard Johnson on Mar 31st, 2018
Eating Too Much Sugar

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your body could be significantly more sensitive (and the truth is, many of us eat way, way more than the recommended...

By Howard Johnson on Mar 26th, 2018
2018 Toyota Land Cruiser

Successful relationships are built on honesty and trust, and the Toyota Land Cruiser has found success as a straight-shooting and dependable sport-utility vehicle for more than 60 years. Although the Land Cruiser is no longer the no-frills...

By Howard Johnson on Mar 22nd, 2018