Wednesday 26 July, 2017
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By Howard Johnson on Jun 28th, 2017
Winter Storm May Hit North-East

According to National Weather Service officials a winter storm may hits to larger area that includes much of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, upstate New York and New England. The severe weather updates come just a week after the region saw temperatures...

By Howard Johnson on Mar 12th, 2017
Trump's Team Appears As Shaken Upon Mysterious Contact Between Trump & Putin

It appears as Trump’s Administration is shaken upon the mysterious contacts of President Donald Trump and Russian’s Officials. As this matter is getting hype day after day, few more allies of President Donald Trump disclosed about...

Britain FM will Visit Moscow Next Week

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson will visit Russian in upcoming week. It will be ever first such kind of visit for last five years. Britain has differences with Russia upon Ukraine and Syria issues and annexation of Crimea 2014, along...

By Howard Johnson on Mar 5th, 2017
U.S Wouldn't Obey World Trade Organization (WTO)

Trump Administration aggressively defend the sovereignty of United States of America by saying that we may ignore the World Trade Organization (WTO). A statement released on Wednesday, marked a big shift. Unlike previous President of United...

By Howard Johnson on Mar 3rd, 2017
Appearing in Court

Making an appearance in court can be a daunting experience. There is etiquette to follow, you have to prepare your appearance and you’re going to be under the careful watch of the jury, judges and everyone else in the courtroom. However, it...

Suicide Attacks killed 32 people in Syria including Homs Military Intelligence

Two suicide attacks killed 32 people at least and left 24 injured in Syria.   Suicide attacks occurred in city of Homs. Its reported in news that six suicides attackers carried out attacks in neighborhoods. Its targeting two security centers...

By Howard Johnson on Feb 26th, 2017
China Built Artificial Territory in South China Sea

It’s being reported to sources that China is building its artificial territory in South China Sea. China claims its authority upon South China Sea. According to Reuters, China has nearly finishing its building almost two dozen structure...

By Howard Johnson on Feb 22nd, 2017
Brexit Will Be irreversible, once triggered

Prime Minister of United Kingdom Theresa May says she will invoke Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty by the end of March, beginning two years of formal divorce talks. Reported in Reuters. In response to this, One of the Government...

By Howard Johnson on Feb 19th, 2017
First solo visit of First Lady, Melania

First Lady of United States of America Mrs. Melania Trump made her first solo public appearance on Saturday morning. She was on visit a with Akie Abe, wife of Prime Minister of Japan.  Mrs. Trump showcased her deep interest in garden tradition...

By Howard Johnson on Feb 12th, 2017