Friday 15 December, 2017
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Posted By: Steve Weichel
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2019 Ford Mustang GT500

Yesterday, thanks to a generous tipster, we found photos of what looks to be a new Ford Mustang Bullitt. Ford’s public relations team wouldn’t comment, but considering how production-ready the car looked, we wouldn’t be surprised...

By Steve Weichel on Dec 13th, 2017
Apple Ai

After remaining tight-lipped for years, Apple is now more than eager to share how much progress it’s making on self-driving car technology. AI research director Ruslan Salakhutdinov made a presentation this week that revealed more of what...

By Steve Weichel on Dec 11th, 2017
Vice President of U.S Visits Brussels.

Vice President of America Mike Pence is in Brussels. It’s his ever 1st visit after getting into vice president’s office of United States of America. On his visit, he attends several meetings with officials and trying for better...

By Steve Weichel on Feb 20th, 2017
Iran is Ready to Answer President Trump upon Missile test

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei turns down United States President’s statement to curb its missile tests. Since Trump’s inauguration, it was his 1st speech, Iran’s Supreme Leader called on Iranians to answer...

By Steve Weichel on Feb 7th, 2017
Brooklyn Federal Judge Seized Temporary Deportation From US Borders

An emergency stay issued at Saturday night by a federal judge in Brooklyn, New York. It’s putting temporary ban on deporting people out of the United States after they have landed at US airports with valid visas. The order debars the U.S...

By Steve Weichel on Jan 29th, 2017
Nikon D3400

Nikon has officially announced the D3400, the company’s newest entry-level DSLR. It is (somewhat obviously) a successor to the D3300, and the D3200 that came before it. The new camera doesn’t boast many changes, but there is one big one:...

By Steve Weichel on Aug 18th, 2016
East Los Angles fire

The East of Los Angles, Southern California has been wrapped in wildfire, this important event starts when people saw the blaze About 10:30 AM Tuesday. The wild fire burned thousands of acre and approx 175 homes has been destroyed and around...

By Steve Weichel on Aug 17th, 2016
Ford's Self-Driving Car

Ford has said it will mass-produce a fully autonomous self-driving car without a steering wheel by 2021. The bold ambition was outlined by the company’s president, Mark Fields, at an event in Palo Alto, California. Ford said it would double...

By Steve Weichel on Aug 17th, 2016
Volkswagen Cars

A sizeable proportion of 100 million Volkswagen Group cars sold since 1995 can be unlocked remotely by hackers, a team of researchers has said. The problem affects a range of vehicles manufactured between 1995 and 2016 – including VWs...

By Steve Weichel on Aug 13th, 2016
New IPhone Pressure-Sensitive Button

Apple is preparing to unveil successors to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus as early as next month with more advanced photography capabilities and upgraded hardware in a design similar to that of last year’s models, according to people familiar...

By Steve Weichel on Aug 9th, 2016