Motorcycle enthusiasts tend to have a tough time of it as compared to car owners. Motorcycles are less common, and a number of myths about safety and efficiency are always liable to make their way into general belief. There’s no doubt that recent trends have meant there’s some good news for motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy, but there’s also some less-than-good news too…

Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Good News! Motorcycle riding is safer than ever

Advancements in technology — and particularly in helmet technology — have meant that riding a motorcycle is safer than it has ever been before. If someone tries to tell you your hobby is “dangerous”, this is definitely a point worth mentioning!

Good News! Motorcycles are less polluting than cars

It’s true; motorcycles are undoubtedly better for the environment than their four-wheeled cousins. In an age where car manufacturers are designing “defeat devices” to overcome emissions regulations, motorcycles are a form of transport that are pleasantly free of such issues.

Bad News… The motorcycle industry is in trouble

As a keen enthusiast, it may be distressing to learn that the motorcycle industry has experienced a tough time of it in recent years. Thankfully, there are plenty of ideas around for how this trend can be reversed, as this handy infographic points out— it’s well worth a read if you want to know more about the future of your beloved hobby…

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