Tuesday 16 October, 2018
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Over the coming years, Hyundai will work to make sure that each of the cars in its range has its own visual identity. That’s what Chris Chapman, senior chief designer at Hyundai Design Center, told journalists at the 2019 Hyundai Kona...

By Howard Johnson on Oct 16th, 2018
Honda Smart Intersection

As the Honda Pilot is about to enter the intersection a specially built HUD (heads-up display) flashes an orangish yellow with an image of an ambulance. Seconds later an actual ambulance that, moments before, the driver could not see barrels...

By Steve Weichel on Oct 7th, 2018
Diesel Cars

The German carmaker Porsche says it will stop making diesel cars, and concentrate on petrol, electric and hybrid engines instead. It follows a 2015 scandal in which its parent company, Volkswagen, admitted it had cheated emissions tests for...

By Steve Weichel on Sep 24th, 2018
Lexus ES

Replacing side mirrors with cameras has long been a concept-car flight of fancy, but Lexus will be the first automaker to make this tech a reality for a mass-produced model. A new Digital Outer Mirror option will debut on the Lexus ES in the...

By Howard Johnson on Sep 18th, 2018

Volkswagen has gone on trial in Germany in what is the first court case against the carmaker over the diesel scandal. Investors are pursuing VW for about €9.2bn (£8.2bn) in damages, claiming the company should have come clean sooner about...

By Steve Weichel on Sep 11th, 2018
Mercedes SUV

German carmaker Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its first fully-electric SUV, in a bid to take on US rival Tesla. The subsidiary of Daimler says the EQC, which has two electric motors, will have a range of more than 450km. It will start rolling...

By Steve Weichel on Sep 6th, 2018
mercedes benz

By 2020, 98% of cars sold will be connected to the internet. In today’s tech-dominant world, every aspect of our lives is conjoined with technology; especially our vehicles. By keeping you safe, assisting the teen driver in your house,...

By admin on Sep 4th, 2018
2018 Rhino GX

There’s no denying the popularity of sport-utility vehicles in America, but with so many on the road, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. If getting noticed in your SUV is a goal, then the Rhino GX could be your SUV of choice. Hand...

By Steve Weichel on Sep 3rd, 2018
Aston Martin

Aston Martin is expected to confirm plans to list on the London Stock Exchange when it announces annual results on Wednesday morning. The British sports car maker said earlier this year it was considering making its shares available to the...

By Howard Johnson on Aug 29th, 2018
The Volkswagen Golf R

The Volkswagen Golf R is currently available in the United States in just five colors, but the number of choices jumps by 40 shades for the 2019 model year as part of what the company calls the Volkswagen Spektrum Program. Picking one of...

By Steve Weichel on Aug 26th, 2018