Monday 21 January, 2019
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US wildfires

A Californian energy firm has said it plans to file for bankruptcy protection as it faces huge costs from last year’s wildfires. Pacific Gas and Electric Corporation (PG&E) said the fires, which devastated huge areas of California,...

By Howard Johnson on Jan 15th, 2019
Electric Car

Outside China, few drivers have heard of brands such as Hit BYD or Beijing Automobile Works. But they’re two of the largest players in the world’s biggest market for electric cars. For a decade, the Chinese government has coaxed...

By Steve Weichel on Jan 14th, 2019
Woody Johnson with Donald

Donald Trump’s offer of a “quick, massive, bilateral trade deal” will not be possible if Theresa May’s EU withdrawal agreement is approved, the US ambassador to the UK has warned. “What I’m focusing on here...

By Howard Johnson on Jan 1st, 2019
Become an Advisor

Deciding on a career in science can be a big thing to do, but many people are certain about the route that they want their career to take. Unfortunately, you don’t always hold onto that first passion for the career that you set your heart...

By admin on Dec 18th, 2018
Need Extra Staff

When you are running a business which is always growing, sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to know whether or not you are in need of some help. It can be hard to tell if you should hire a new employee sometimes and this can leave you...

By admin on Dec 8th, 2018
Oil prices rise

Major oil producers have agreed to cut production by more than one million barrels per day in a bid to boost energy prices. Opec members, as well as countries allied with the cartel led by Russia, announced the plans on Friday, sending the...

By Howard Johnson on Dec 8th, 2018
Remote Working Revolution

Every online business has to compete with the thousands, if not millions, of companies out there. To be competitive, we have to be able to make financial sacrifices for the greater good. As the remote working revolution is well and truly here,...

By admin on Nov 22nd, 2018
Apple iPhone

Apple shares sank by 5% on Monday, dragging down US markets and wiping more than $40bn (£31bn; €35bn) off the tech giant’s market value. The fall followed a profit warning from some of the firm’s suppliers, which exacerbated...

By Steve Weichel on Nov 13th, 2018
influencing power of the billboard

The purpose of advertising is to create a reaction in the consumer. Arguably, one of the most effective methods of making someone pay attention is with a large billboard placed strategically in a public place. The first know instance of the...

By admin on Oct 31st, 2018

Online businesses have to protect themselves in ways that bigger, generally offline business maybe don’t have to. When everything a business does and offers is based on the internet and nowhere else, it makes security and staying safe from...

By admin on Oct 13th, 2018