Thursday 15 November, 2018
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Apple iPhone

Apple shares sank by 5% on Monday, dragging down US markets and wiping more than $40bn (£31bn; €35bn) off the tech giant’s market value. The fall followed a profit warning from some of the firm’s suppliers, which exacerbated...

By Steve Weichel on Nov 13th, 2018
influencing power of the billboard

The purpose of advertising is to create a reaction in the consumer. Arguably, one of the most effective methods of making someone pay attention is with a large billboard placed strategically in a public place. The first know instance of the...

By admin on Oct 31st, 2018

Online businesses have to protect themselves in ways that bigger, generally offline business maybe don’t have to. When everything a business does and offers is based on the internet and nowhere else, it makes security and staying safe from...

By admin on Oct 13th, 2018
starting up your tech company

Launching your first tech company and want a few tips? Knowledge is power in business, and in the rapidly evolving sector of technology, staying ahead is critical. For advice, check out this reading list. From how to create the optimum working...

By admin on Oct 4th, 2018
Right Fonts for Your Business

Image is hugely important in ecommerce, particularly when compared to brick and mortar retailing. Wandering around a physical store, shoppers can get a feel for the persona you project based upon signage, décor and the personalities of your...

By admin on Sep 26th, 2018
Oil price

Oil prices have hit a four-year high of over $81 a barrel after Saudi Arabia and Russia rejected calls by Donald Trump to increase production. Brent crude hit its highest level since November 2014 at $81.16 a barrel, up 3% on the day. Saudi...

By Howard Johnson on Sep 25th, 2018
Employees Feel Like A Team

In order to achieve just about anything in the world of business, you need to make sure that you and your colleagues are always acting as a team – and a tightly knit team at that. We all know this, but it can be so hard to actually manifest...

By admin on Sep 14th, 2018
Jack Ma

Jack Ma, the executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has said he plans to step down in a year. The news, in a letter sent by Mr Ma to Alibaba customers and shareholders, follows conflicting reports over the weekend on the timing...

By Howard Johnson on Sep 10th, 2018
Aston Martin

Aston Martin is expected to confirm plans to list on the London Stock Exchange when it announces annual results on Wednesday morning. The British sports car maker said earlier this year it was considering making its shares available to the...

By Howard Johnson on Aug 29th, 2018
Spending Money Can Improve Your Business

Many people consider the goal of the professional world to make or save as much money as possible, and possibly even both. There are a lot of things you can do to help you work on saving more cash, and this is really important for the future....

By admin on Aug 2nd, 2018