Tuesday 26 September, 2017
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Mistakes Men

You’ve got to understand, the modern suits that men wear, from celebrities to CEOs have all come from a long lineage of history. Many men who want to dress sharp, make the mistake of following the trends of what famous men wear in the limelight....

By admin on Aug 30th, 2017
Happiness and a Sense of Wellbeing

Volunteering is something that many people think that they would like to do at some point during their lives, but it is often an idea that gets shelved as people have so many other time commitments these days. Of course, volunteering is for...

By admin on Aug 29th, 2017
Cardiff University School

For the most part, our society sees higher education as something for which to strive. After all, knowledge is power. So, it might come as a surprise that college applications are falling and have been doing for some time. In 2010, attendance...

By admin on Aug 26th, 2017
online MA

A common feeling within people is that it is ‘too late’ to do something. These feelings are real, and sometimes – they are right. For example, if you’re 67 – you might want to avoid taking part in intensive physical...

By admin on Jul 28th, 2017
The Strive For Happiness

We would all like to be happy, healthy, and joyful as much as possible but very few of us seem to be able to master this. Some days are good, and some are not so good – yet, we keep thinking that the next day will be brighter, that we’ll...

By admin on Jul 27th, 2017
Flexible Job  

Ah, the good life. We all dream of those luxuries usually attributed to great wealth. For most people, though, the annual vacation is the only chance you’ll ever get to live like a king or queen. But it doesn’t need to be that way. With...

By admin on Jun 23rd, 2017

Sometimes we can forget that we are in control of our own destiny. We can all be a little guilty of just accepting life for what it is at that current moment. Every day can feel like the same routine over and over, and it can feel less stimulating...

By admin on Jun 9th, 2017
Boosts Confidence

If you’ve just finished high school or your child has, you may be wondering about the next step. It’s likely that people will come up to you and ask, ‘what are you doing next year?’ and you may not have the answer yet. That’s okay...

By admin on May 19th, 2017
Want A Creative Career

Not everyone was born to work in an office. The routine of clocking on and off and sitting at a desk all day is not everyone’s dream. And there’s nothing wrong with it: There are plenty of careers that don’t need for you to work in an...

By admin on Apr 25th, 2017

We all know the old saying: justice is blind. We’ve seen the statues of a blindfolded woman, and it’s something that many of us have come to take for granted. But what does it mean? The idea of blind justice is that it should be...

By admin on Apr 3rd, 2017