Wednesday 12 December, 2018
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Detained Huawei Finance

6.5 million euros bail, electronic shackles – under these conditions, the risk of absconding for the arrested in Canada Huawei Finance Director Meng Wanzhou low. She was released from custody.Detained in Canada, Huawei Finance...

By Steve Weichel on Dec 12th, 2018
China Hebei province kills 22

A blast near a chemical plant in Zhangjiakou city in China’s northern Hebei province early on Wednesday killed 22 people and injured at least 22 others, the local government said. A video of the blast scene shared by state media showed...

By Howard Johnson on Nov 28th, 2018
Nevada’s Black Book

A $1.2 million scam has gotten two men permanently banned from every casino in Nevada. The scam at the craps tables at the Bellagio was busted after officials noticed Anthony Grant Granito and James Russell Cooper winning numerous times. No...

By admin on Nov 22nd, 2018
Snowstorm killing 8

A strong wintry storm still was dumping snow Friday in far northern New England after creating traffic havoc that claimed at least eight lives across the country’s eastern half and knocked out power for tens of thousands of people. A...

By Howard Johnson on Nov 17th, 2018
Storm 2 dead 44 hurt

An Alabama tour bus bound for a Mississippi casino overturned Wednesday on an icy highway, leaving two people dead and 44 others aboard with injuries, authorities said, as a pre-winter storm blasted parts of the South and lower Midwest. The...

By Steve Weichel on Nov 15th, 2018
Chris Watts Killing his family

A Colorado man, Chris Watts, has pleaded guilty to killing his pregnant wife and daughters. The district attorney agreed to drop the death penalty in exchange for Mr Watts accepting all nine charges against him as part of a plea bargain. Shanann...

By Howard Johnson on Nov 7th, 2018
US Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday rejected for now a bid by the President Donald Trump’s administration to block a trial in a lawsuit filed by young activists who have accused the U.S. government of ignoring the perils of climate change. The...

By Steve Weichel on Nov 3rd, 2018
Lioness kills

A lioness has killed the father of her three offspring, suffocating her mate by locking her jaws onto his neck at the Indianapolis Zoo in an attack not fully understood by zoo staff. The lions had been held together at the zoo for eight years,...

By Howard Johnson on Oct 22nd, 2018
US from Russia missile treaty

The US will withdraw from a landmark nuclear weapons treaty with Russia, President Donald Trump has confirmed. Speaking to reporters, Mr Trump said Russia had “violated” the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. The...

By Steve Weichel on Oct 21st, 2018
Melania Trump

US First Lady Melania Trump has dismissed speculation about the state of her marriage, saying her husband’s alleged extra-marital affairs are not her “concern or focus” because she has better things to do. Asked if she loves...

By Howard Johnson on Oct 13th, 2018