Monday 22 January, 2018
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Lebanon US embassy protest

There have been violent clashes near the US embassy in Lebanon, in the latest protest against President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Security forces fired tear gas and water cannon to force...

By Howard Johnson on Dec 10th, 2017
Times Square Thomson Reuters sign

News Art & Travel in New York city, United States, 18-11-2017 – The continuity of the multimedia exhibition of Santiago Ribeiro in Times Square in New York in the international press. There are many international members of social communication...

By admin on Nov 24th, 2017
Arrest Records

If you are about to hire someone and need to know more about them, carrying out a background check is very important. This also goes for someone you are dating, especially if you are suspicious about them. According to an article in the NY Times,...

By admin on Oct 26th, 2017
sweden flag

There is no doubt that combating climate change is a nationwide issue. While we should all make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint on a personal level, to make a real difference, entire countries are going to need to commit themselves...

By admin on Oct 17th, 2017
US Flag

In 2016, 27 million foreign nationals were working in the US labor force. Then, it equated to 16% of the overall workforce in the United States of America. President Trump might see that as a bad thing, but businesses don’t agree. The benefits...

By admin on Sep 1st, 2017
Brexit Referendum

Almost a year after the British public voted to leave the EU by a margin of 2 percent, Theresa May finally triggered Article 50 to begin the leaving process. Immediately after the result was announced, the pound sterling dropped to a 31 year...

By admin on Aug 31st, 2017
Big World Smaller

In the modern world, it can be very hard to know who you can trust. With so many dangerous people on the news and in the media, and so all of the lies floating around, it can be very hard to get a clear picture. As governments drop formal bonds...

By admin on Aug 9th, 2017

The world is a pretty messed up place at the moment, or at least that’s the consensus. In fact, the world isn’t any more messed up than before: if anything, if anything, there’s a much stronger case to be the made that this is the best...

By admin on Jul 13th, 2017
The Face Of Crime In 2017

When you look at our modern-day society, there are lots of things that we can be proud of and that show just how much we have come on over the past couple of centuries. For instance, our society’s sanitation and hygiene have greatly improved...

By admin on Jul 3rd, 2017
Should We Hide The News From Our Children

2017 has been a year full of loss, and we’re only halfway through it. In the UK alone, there have been many different terror attacks including the horrific event that happened in Manchester at the young pop star Ariana Grande’s concert,...

By admin on Jun 29th, 2017