Thursday 15 November, 2018
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As he jetted to Paris last Friday, President Trump received a congratulatory phone call aboard Air Force One. British Prime Minister Theresa May was calling to celebrate the Republican Party’s wins in the midterm elections — never mind that...

By Howard Johnson on Nov 14th, 2018
Nikki Haley

In the summer of 2016, Nikki Haley warned that if Republican candidate Donald Trump did not change his rhetoric, the consequences could be deadly. “I know what that rhetoric can do,” Haley told the Associated Press weeks before the anniversary...

By Steve Weichel on Oct 31st, 2018
Hatice Cengiz

The fiancee of the killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi has said he was worried about visiting the Saudi consulate in Istanbul for his fateful appointment, but told her he did not think the authorities would dare to interrogate or arrest him in...

By Steve Weichel on Oct 27th, 2018

Facing the prospect of bruising electoral defeat in congressional elections, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he won’t accept the blame if his party loses control of the House in November, arguing his campaigning and endorsements...

By Steve Weichel on Oct 17th, 2018
Interpol chief

The strange story of the vanishing Interpol chief just got even stranger. Days after Meng Hongwei, the president of Interpol, was reported missing in China, the Chinese government said on Monday that Meng was “under supervision” and being...

By Howard Johnson on Oct 9th, 2018
Donald Trump

Donald Trump will visit Ireland in November, it was confirmed on Friday. The president will also visit France to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war. The exact timing of the European trip was not announced. The leader...

By Steve Weichel on Sep 1st, 2018
World Of Modern Politics

Modern politics is one of the most chaotic fields in the world, and this is largely thanks to people misusing the systems in place to make society fair. It can be almost impossible to know what information is true or being used to sway your...

By admin on Aug 20th, 2018
G.O.P. Faces

Congressional Republicans, already facing a difficult election landscape, confronted a prospect on Sunday they had worked feverishly to avoid: a threat by President Trump to shut down the government over funding for a border wall. Last week,...

By Steve Weichel on Jul 30th, 2018
David Davis Resigns

Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned from the UK government. His departure comes days after Theresa May secured the cabinet’s backing for her Brexit plan despite claims from critics that it was “soft”. Mr Davis was appointed...

By Steve Weichel on Jul 9th, 2018

As the landscape for the midterm elections takes shape, Democrats are hoping to find success in 2018 by pledging to protect a law that was signed eight years ago. The same law former Vice President Joe Biden declared was a “big f—ing...

By Howard Johnson on Jul 3rd, 2018