Thursday 20 September, 2018
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Apple eSIM technology

The new iPhone XS and XS Max will have dual SIM capabilities, with a special edition for the Chinese market that contains a SIM tray which holds two physical cards. For users outside China, however, the new iPhone devices will support eSIM....

By Howard Johnson on Sep 15th, 2018
Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd launched the Galaxy Note 9 “phablet” in New York on Thursday, promising better battery life and quick cooling to attract gamers and revive flagging sales. The focus on gamer-friendly features appears to...

By Howard Johnson on Aug 11th, 2018
Samsung Galaxy 1st Folding Phone

The Samsung Galaxy X was all set to be Samsung’s (and the market’s) first ever foldable smartphone. But this turned out to not be the case; nope, the Galaxy X is apparently now going to be a gaming device. Perhaps the start of an entirely...

By Howard Johnson on Jul 28th, 2018
Rolls Royce EVTOL

Engine maker Rolls-Royce has designed a propulsion system for a flying taxi which it says could take to the skies as soon as early next decade. The British firm said it had drawn up plans for an “electric vertical take-off and landing”...

By Steve Weichel on Jul 16th, 2018
Apple Mac mini

The Mac mini is the cheapest Mac, but it’s also the one Apple seems to care the least about. Case in point: the last time it got an update was October 16 of 2014. There hasn’t been so much as a spec bump in the four years since. That’s...

By Howard Johnson on Jul 15th, 2018
Malware Infections

It’s a common and dangerous misconception that small businesses are less vulnerable to cyberattacks. The logic goes that SMBs are too small and have too little data to be attacked. But the reality is just the opposite. According to a...

By admin on Jul 3rd, 2018

As was rumored in May, Instagram is now letting users add soundtracks to their Stories. Attaching music is as easy as adding a sticker, and folks can choose a backing track to their Stories before or after recording video. When anyone watches...

By Howard Johnson on Jun 30th, 2018
The Restaurant

The Yelp page of the Red Hen restaurant has become a political battleground after President Trump’s press secretary was kicked out of the eatery. Sarah Sanders was asked to leave as a protest against the Trump administration. The event...

By Howard Johnson on Jun 26th, 2018
Samsung Technology

There’s always sort of been a war between various different tech giants, but we have to say that as an all rounder, Samsung technology has always been at the top. It dominates the market in every single area, especially with mobile phones....

By admin on Jun 25th, 2018
Ecommerce Retailers

Shopping online used to entail sitting in front of your desktop computer or laptop, opening up a browser page and typing in a web address or search engine query. Then smartphones started becoming more prevalent, which gave shoppers the freedom...

By admin on Jun 25th, 2018