The United States probably faces more political issues than any other country on the planet. That is no doubt because the government has their fingers in many different pies. Indeed, their reach extends far beyond the border with Mexico or Canada. American has interests all over the world, and it’s becoming incredibly difficult to grasp them all. With that in mind, we wanted to spend some time drawing your attention towards the most dangerous problems affecting the US today. Some of them are self-created, and others come from outside influences. However, one thing is for certain, handling these issues without due care could spell disaster.

North Korea Issue

The North Korean Issue

At the end of WW2, American became involved in the Korean conflict. They helped to support one side of the revolution, and that move is highly criticized today. By providing funds and arms for the South, they became major enemies of the Communist North. The North Korean leader at the time was a man called Kim Il Sung, and he’s become somewhat of a god in the country since his death. Leadership passed along the family line, and now his grandson Kim Jong Un runs the country. He makes constant threats against the US, who still continue to protect the South. If America plays the wrong hand here, Kim Jong Un has promised to launch a missile attack. Rumors suggest he’s also in the process of developing a nuclear weapon.

The Iranian Issue

The Iranian government has never taken a favorable view of the United States. That is because the US played a part in installing a puppet government before the Islamic Revolution. However, tensions have relaxed in recent times thanks to the nuclear deal signed last year. The work of financial boffin Mark Dubowitz has helped to ensure some economic sanctions are relaxed. However, the US has worked hard to guarantee that doesn’t give the Iranians too much freedom. The only downside to the deal is that Iran can now obtain nuclear power within ten to fifteen years. It did not stop them from researching the technology, and that means it the deal could come back to haunt us.

The Syrian Issue

The Islamic State has taken over a large portion of the Syrian nation during the last three years. US policy makers would like President Assad to step down so they can invade the country. However, they are content with well-targeted bombing raids at the current time. Islamic State fighters have already said they believe in removing Western governments from power. While that threat isn’t too much of an issue right now, the group continue to gain ground. Within a few months, ISIS could gain access to even more weapons. They might also arrange for more terrorist attacks on Western soil. The main issue is that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to keep Assad in power. That stops the US from sorting the problem out once and for all.

Whatever you might think about the United States or the other countries mentioned in this post, it’s important to look at the entire picture. Politicians on all sides want to secure the prosperity of their people while protecting them from harm. It’s just that the US faces more challenges than most, and so they have to work harder to reach suitable solutions.