Trump Administration aggressively defend the sovereignty of United States of America by saying that we may ignore the World Trade Organization (WTO).

U.S Wouldn't Obey World Trade Organization (WTO)

A statement released on Wednesday, marked a big shift. Unlike previous President of United States, President Donald Trump said that, U.S. is not bound to follow World Trade Organization’s ruling on trade disputes. “Even if a WTO dispute settlement panel…rules against the United States, such a ruling does not automatically lead to a change in U.S. law or practice. The Trump administration will aggressively defend American sovereignty over matters of trade policy.” As per mentioned in released paper. “The complaining countries would have the right to be authorized to retaliate by imposing trade sanctions on the losing country,” the paper said. The paper also acknowledges that there’s a cost to not playing by the WTO’s rules. If the U.S. loses a WTO case against other countries, and it refuses to change its laws or practices, then under WTO laws, the complaining countries have the right to hit the U.S. with trade sanctions.