Vice President of America Mike Pence is in Brussels. It’s his ever 1st visit after getting into vice president’s office of United States of America.

Vice President of U.S Visits Brussels.

On his visit, he attends several meetings with officials and trying for better diplomatic ties for better foreign relations of United States of America with other European States. Vice President of America Mike Pence held a press talk with Tusk. He met with outward skepticism from the bloc top leaders on Monday.

While addressing to media, Tusk told that, “Thank you for this meeting. We all truly needed it, too much has happened over the past months in your country, and in the EU; too many new and sometimes surprising opinions have been voiced over this time about our relations and our common security for us to pretend that everything is as it used to be.” – As reported in CNN. Tusk Further added that, “In reply to these three matters, I heard today from Vice President Pence three times ‘yes’ After such a positive declaration, both Europeans and Americans must simply practice what they preach.”