According to a window displayed on the platform, a “whole new Twitter is coming” that will feature not only a new format, but also a ream of new tools.

Twitter to launch a slew

Recently, Twitter has been presenting users with a notification on the web platform stating that, “before long,” the company will be launching a new version of the website complete with a collection of new tools and features.

Within the brief advert, Twitter reveals that users will be able to use bookmarks, swap between accounts, and enable a dark mode among “so much more.”

Back in April, CNET reported that the company began rolling out various desktop layouts to different users as a test; a spokeswoman told the media that “we wanted to test out in the open to get feedback and see what people think.”

For some users, the conventional three-column format was reduced to two, and others were given the ability to change the size of the text and activate a dark mode.

Twitter has now officially stated that some of these tested features will become a reality for everyone. While the company did not reveal when exactly the new features and design will roll out, Twitter did say both will launch “soon.”