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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? If You Have 1 or More of These Symptoms,

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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Do You Have A Negligent Boss?

There are many reasons why people choose to leave their jobs or pursue different career paths. However, one of the most commonly cited reasons is that people feel unappreciated, or that their employer isn’t properly caring for them. Like everyone, you go to work for more than a paycheque, and want to have a working environment where you know your higher-ups are fulfilling their responsibilities. Here are some common signs of a negligent employer that you need to look out for…

Do You Have A Negligent Boss

They Never Offer Support, Feedback or Guidance

If your boss never makes the time to give you a decent level of support, feedback and guidance when it comes to achieving your short and long term goals, it can be exceedingly bad for your career. If your boss is mainly concerned with the milestones of your job and getting projects completed on time, and less with whether you’re developing your skills, or being challenged, it’s a clear sign that they don’t care that much about your professional success.

You’re Not Being Compensated Enough

This is one of the most tangible and frustrating signs of a negligent boss. An employer who shows little concern about what you can offer to the company will rarely compensate you fairly or properly. Even when you pick up on this and ask for a performance evaluation, bad bosses can often brush you off, telling you it’s unnecessary. In some cases, they’ll even dish out pay cuts to employees who don’t deserve it. Financial abuses like this should be glaring red flags that you should leave your current job as soon as an opportunity arises!

Poor Safety Culture

Every company has a responsibility to make sure their employers are keeping healthy and safe at work. The upper management at any business should go out of their way to kindle enough communication and trust to supply everyone with a safe working environment. Neglecting this has led to countless employees having to seek legal assistance from firms like this: If there seems to be an emphasis on profitability over safety, a poor frequency of incident and accident reporting, and poor communication when it comes to health and safety hazards, it’s a clear sign that the higher-ups of the business don’t care enough about you, or any of your co-workers.

You Rarely Hear About Project Outcomes

Another big sign that your boss is being negligent is that you contribute a lot of effort and ideas to a certain project, and then, once it’s completed, you hear nothing about what the actual results. Sure, you might hear it by chatting around the water cooler, but if your boss doesn’t make a point of showing you the outcomes of all your hard work, it’s a very worrying sign. This is one common symptom of a manager who sees their workers more as tools for meeting targets, not individuals whose input is to be valued.

If you’re worried that your boss is being negligent, keep an eye out for these red flags, and don’t wait around for them to fix themselves!

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