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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? If You Have 1 or More of These Symptoms,

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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Making Fast Weight Loss Stick

Anyone can lose weight. While some people find it harder than others and can genuinely struggle, with a little help, support, an exercise regime and a diet plan, anyone can lose at least some weight. However, one thing that most people struggle with to some degree is keeping the weight off. Most of us lose a little weight by changing our diets and doing more exercise, only to go back to normal once the scales are telling us what we want to hear. The weight slowly creeps back, and you’re left feeling back to square one. Wondering why you bothered in the first place. However, it is possible to make your weight loss stick, here’s a look at how.

Making Fast Weight Loss Stick

Return to Normal Slowly

To see results quickly, lose weight with the 3 day military diet, which sees you dramatically cut your calorie intake for three days, before returning to normal. People using this plan, or other extreme calorie restriction diets can lose up to 10lbs in less than a week. Which is fantastic, but, then they go back to normal eating, or worse, reward themselves with a massive binge, only to find they’ve put all of the weight back on by the end of the second week.

To get lasting results, you need to reintroduce calories slowly. Instead of jumping straight back to 2000 a day, try to stick to around 1500 most days. This way, you could continue to lose weight, at a better long-term rate, instead of regaining.

Keep Good Habits

Instead of quitting a diet plan altogether, try to keep some parts of it and adapt them to your normal lifestyle. If on your diet you enjoyed having a lighter breakfast with fresh fruit and found that it helped boost your mood and energy levels, keep doing it. You can easily increase your calories without getting rid of healthy eating.

Eat Your five a Day

Eating five pieces of different fruit and vegetables a day ensures that you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Fruit can also give you a great natural high, satisfy your sweet tooth and help you to avoid snacking on unhealthy and fatty treats.

When you are on a reduced calorie diet and trying to lose weight quickly, it’s near impossible to get your five a day. So, when you finish your diet, to help the results stick, introduce plenty of fruit and veg to fill you up, improve your skin tone, help you sleep, boost your mood, improve your immunity and feel healthier.

Pack your meals with vegetables, drink a fresh, homemade smoothie in the morning and snack on fruit salads and you’ll soon find you are eating at least five a day, without gaining a lb!


Exercise is as important as diet when it comes to sustained weight loss. If you are losing weight quickly, using a low-calorie diet, chances are you aren’t getting much exercise, and if you are, it’s leaving you feeling very tired or even ill. When you start to increase your calories, however, you also need to increase your exercise.

If you don’t have much time for a big work out, try adding activity to your day to day life. Some great ways to do this include:

  •    Walking, running or cycling to work
  •    Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  •    Doing some yoga stretches first thing in the morning
  •    Going out for lunch instead of sitting at your desk
  •    Using the facilities furthest away from your office
  •    Running upstairs at home

Remind Yourself of Your Success

One reason we gain weight is that we simply don’t notice it happening. We are enjoying life, eating what we want and it isn’t  until your jeans don’t fasten that you think to weigh yourself and you find out what affects your lifestyle are having on your body. This happens after a diet too. If you lose weight quickly, you will notice how fantastic you look and how good you feel. If that weight creeps back on slowly, you could easily fail to notice.

Weigh and measure yourself every few weeks, even when you are happy with your body to make sure you know where you are. You should also stick a before and after diet picture on your wall or the front of your fridge to remind yourself of how well you’ve done. This will make you much less likely to start overindulging again.

The best way to make sure you maintain a healthy weight is to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight quickly using a diet plan is a fantastic way to kick-start your weight loss journey. But, for sustained success, you need to change your lifestyle.

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