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Coming To America: Recruiting Foreign Workers For Your Business

In 2016, 27 million foreign nationals were working in the US labor force. Then, it equated to 16% of the overall workforce in the United States of America. President Trump might see that as a bad thing, but businesses don’t agree. The benefits of hiring foreign workers are clear for all to see. Studies suggest that foreigners are better qualified due to the cheapest cost of education outside of the West. Also, many enterprises believe they have a higher work ethic than nationals. One thing which isn’t in doubt is that increasing the pool of talent will only help businesses.

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However, there is a hitch. Thanks to Trump’s new laws and stringent regulations, hiring foreign nationals is not a simple task. If the business cannot do it, the firm can’t benefit from the extra skills that non-nationals bring to the table. So, the question is, how does an American company recruit people from abroad?

Well, you can start by taking a look at the following advice. These are the steps to take to recruit employees from abroad.

Start Soon

Unlike hiring a US citizen, you can’t decide you want an employee from outside of the country on Thursday and have them in the office by Monday. Even if they could make it in time, the red tape in place means the process can take weeks, months, and sometimes years. Any boss who wants to bring more foreign nationals on board has to begin the process as soon as possible. To do this, research the relevant immigration programs and analyze which ones suit your needs the best. Then, think about what the individual(s) will need to make a successful transition. A visa is essential, of course, as are a place to stay and an introduction to the company. From your point of view, it is important to understand the long-term goals and not to think too far ahead. The plan will bear fruit, but it won’t do it in the blink of an eye. At least, it doesn’t normally happen that way.

Decide On The Immigration Program

There are lots of programs that want to help, but you need to choose carefully. Don’t worry about people ripping you off, although it does happen from time to time. Usually, a quick glance at the Better Business Bureau will tell you everything you need to know about their legitimacy. Once you know the companies are trustworthy, move onto their specialties. Are they permanent programs? Or, do they deal with temporary stop gaps? If you are searching for short-term employment options, going down the permanent route isn’t advisable. Next, research how successful they are. Do they have an excellent hit rate? Do people recommend their services? Is there an acquaintance that will vouch for them?  Finally, think about geography and diplomacy. Are you trying to hire a person from a country which has good ties with the US? If you aren’t, a specialist broker with experience in the industry is vital.

Investigate Your Role

Having a program in place makes companies think they can sit back and relax. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the hard work is not over. Indeed, it is only just beginning. In the US, there are areas which the business, and the business alone, has to take care of. If you don’t deal with your responsibilities, the recruitment process will be a complete waste of time. With that in mind, make a distinction between what you have to do and what the program will do on your behalf. For instance, you need to get an original copy of the individual’s right to live and work in the United States. Also, you need to make copies of their passport. Plus, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services will want to see a copy of the job offer in full and what it entails. Last, but by no means least, a duplicate of the employer registration statement. And, this is not an exhaustive list. The latter is a handful of the responsibilities on your list, which is why it is crucial to research the firm’s role further.

Hire A Lawyer

If you are worried about taking care of the above alone, don’t be scared. Although there are lots of bases to cover, an attorney will shoulder the majority of the pressure. For starters, they have impeccable records with years of experience and qualifications. Secondly, they are experts in the field and know how to guide employers through the process. The trick is not to hire a lawyer; it’s to hire the right one. Like deciding on the immigration program, it is important to find a specialist you can trust. Yes, an excellent track record is a good start, as is a sparkling resume, but they aren’t the only factors. Ask yourself this question: what do their previous customers say about their service? There is no better way to figure out a law firm than to ask around for customer feedback. If they say advice from Hacking Law Practice is on the money, it’s a great sign. People who have used the service are not as biased and aren’t worried to speak their mind. After all, they have few reasons to trash a company or speak ill of them for no reason.

Prepare The Company

One thing is clear; you aren’t going to pick out random foreigners without analyzing the business first. At least, it should be clear. The entire point is to hire people who bring in additional skills, ones you can’t find in the US. To choose these people at random is a silly and amateur mistake. Instead, the key is to take a close look at your business and see which areas need filling and why. Does the IT department lack technological skills? Is the marketing department not creative enough? Once you get the answers, you can begin to look at the countries which have the relevant talents. A cliché it might be, but India is a nation that is renowned for its information technology proficiencies. The Japanese, Chinese, and South Koreans are also high on the list. Of course, you will need to free up space for recruitment, so firing workers might be necessary. Or, you can look to cut costs without taking away a person’s job. If you want the people to assimilate quickly, think about giving the office a global feel. For example, you might introduce exotic plants and reconsider the layout.

Get A DOL Certificate

The DOL is the Department of Labor, and they need to authorize any foreign national before they arrive in the country. Quite simply, the USCIS won’t grant a visa to anyone without certification from the DOL. The process itself is not difficult, just lengthy what with the number of forms to fill in and questions to answer. If you aren’t sure which applications to send off, you should head to their website and follow the instructions. One thing you must know is their criteria of authorizing foreign workers. It is their job to ensure that non-US nationals don’t harm employment opportunities, wages, or working conditions for American citizens. So, it is a good idea to think about these circumstances before you begin your recruitment plan. For obvious reasons, you might not know whether the individual will impinge on these rights. However, if you know this to be the case, there is no point in applying. The DOL will reject the application and it will be a huge waste of time and money.

Use A Third Party Agency

During the complicated procedure, it is easy to forget about the main goal: finding skilled workers. The last thing any company wants is to spend time and money on a person who doesn’t fit the bill. It is all fine and well admitting them into the country, but you are responsible for them once they arrive. If they can’t do the job, what will you do next? The thought isn’t worth entertaining, which is why it is essential only to employ the best people. For those companies who don’t have contacts abroad, third-party recruitments agencies are the way forward. Firstly, they know the system and how it operates. Secondly, as recruitment specialists, they should be able to cherry pick top recruits based on the requirements. Thirdly, quality agencies have contacts and ready-made replacements available for a quick start. In the end, the money they charge won’t compare to the money their recruits make the company.

Subject Them To The Same Process

Do you ask for a credit check from US nationals? What about inquiring into the criminal background and medical history? If you do it for one set of people, make sure to do it for the others. Not only does this implement a sense of fairness, but it is a good practice. Treating people differently because they are not American is an ignorant way to behave. Everyone has skeletons in their closet whether they are from the US or Timbuktu. It’s your job to make sure they aren’t damaging to the country.

Ultimately, there is a lot to do and not a lot of time. However, the hassle tends to be worth it in the long run.

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