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Sony PlayStation 4.5 NEO-PS4.5 NEO about to Unveil

Sony PlayStation 4.5 NEO new versions reportedly going to unveil. These Playstation 4.5 NEO also called PS4.5 NEO will be flavored in two versions. Sony the leading Smartphone manufacturing company announced the date of exposing the two new versions in September 2016 at New York press event 2016.

Sony Playstation 4.5 Neo
Sony Playstation 4.5 Neo

Sony PlayStation 4.5 NEO Price

Two new versions of Sony Playstations are rumored with the Codename NEO. It is assumed that Neo will hit the markets with enhanced specs and features that offers the game enthusiasts to play games in higher resolution.

Before the players used to play games in only 1080p resolution, so from now it is likely to say the new model more-or-less supposed to be the same gaming console. The prices are not confirmed yet for the NEO PlayStation but from a mixture of truth and untruth gossip its price supposed to be more costly from the current console which priced $350. These glimps confirmed the Price of Sony PlayStation 4.5 NEO at $450.


Country Name PS4.5 Neo
Price In USA $450 (Unconfirmed)
Price In UK £ 340 (Unconfirmed)
Price In Australia $590 (Unconfirmed)


Sony PlayStation 4.5 NEO Release Date

Product Name Sony PS 4.5 NEO Release Date
Sony PlayStation 4.5 NEO September 7th 2016


Sony PlayStation 4.5 NEO Specs

It is expecting that the specs of Sony PlayStation 4.5 NEO or PS4.5 NEO will have eight Jaguar CPU cores running at 2.1GHz rather than the 1.6GHz in the PS4. They will be compatible with Sony Playstation VR. An improved AMD GCN with 36 rather than 18 CUs running at the higher rate of 911MHz over 800MHz, and faster GDDR5 memory – 8GB at 218GB/s instead of 176GB/s.

Its not yet clear from Sony News whether the PS4.5 hard drive will be higher in capacity or have a faster connection speed and it is hoping that the PS4 will surfaced with faster Wi-Fi capabilities.


Sony PlayStation 4.5 NEO Review

It is crystal clear that Sony didn’t leak the info. about the Neo Versions, but it assumes that NEO will strike the gaming world with the upgraded hardware and updated specs with enhanced features. It is also confirmed that Sony PlayStation Virtual Reality is compatible with this unit. The PS 4.5 NEO is equipped with eight Jaguar CPU cores running at 2.1GHz. This means that the processing speed will be far greater in comparison with PS4.

The PS4.5 Neo will offer a full 4K output and offer increased graphical power – although detailed specifics are yet to be announced. You can also attach Project N headphone with this unit. It will be compatible with current PS4 games, and most upcoming PS4 games will support the upgraded console going forward.


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