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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? If You Have 1 or More of These Symptoms,

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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What Should You Do When Car Insurance Company Says No?

Car crashes are a fact of life if you own a vehicle. Not to sound pessimistic, but there are millions of cars on the world’s roads and there are bound to come together. Accidents range from ten car pile ups to fender benders, yet either way, it is going to be expensive. The average cost of repairs in the US is $400, which is pretty high all things considering. At some point, there will be a phone call to the insurance company to ask them to pick up the tab. “No worries,” they say. “Let us get back to you with the details.” Before you know it, there is a email in your inbox which states they won’t pay.

So, what are the next steps?

Reply ASAP

People say it’s worth taking time to read the statement so that it soaks in. Sure, by all means make sure that you understand what the company is trying to say. If need be, contact a lawyer and ask for their advice. Hell, throw a copy on an internet forum and let the Good Samaritans provide their input. However, don’t leave it days or weeks to reply. You should get it on the record as quickly as possible that you disagree. Plus, the feelings of anger will subside after a while and you may give in. Ask them why and to quote the contract and company policies.

Check Their Alibi

Insurance companies don’t have an excellent reputation, and there is a reason. A while back, a life insurance firm was found out for having a “reject all claims” policy. Even if they were legitimate, they would say no because it increased the chances of not paying out. These people aren’t priests and deserve to have their feet held to the fire. Therefore, double check the stipulations and see if they align. If they don’t, there is a reason to claim no matter what they say.

Get An Attorney Involved

The two tips above require plenty of legwork and legal know-how. Unfortunately, these areas may not be your forte because, well, you ain’t-a lawyer. Thankfully, the people at are, as are the folks at has a selection of experts who are half bad, either. The point is simple – there are plenty of options on the table. And, they’ll gladly use their skill set to keep the insurance people on the straight and narrow. It’s worth their fee if they save you a small fortune.

Play The Goodwill Card

Insurance companies get away with a lot of things because they are technicalities. It’s all about the small print at the bottom of the page which no one reads. Technically, they are right from a legal point of view, but the same can’t be said morally. No one will accept their alibi in the court of public opinion. Let them know that you’re not happy and are willing to tell anyone who will listen. When a gripe goes viral, they will rather pay out than risk terrible PR.

Have they ever said no to you? How did you react? With any of the tips above?

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