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Taking Out Car Insurance- Everything You Need To Know

When you first pass your driving test and purchase a car, there’s nothing better than that rush of excitement you get when you first sit in your own driver’s seat. However, there is always that one small issue which clouds the occasion and which stops you from jumping in and doing wheelies on your drive: Insurance. Unfortunately, as with any other investment, insurance is something you need in order to feel safe on the road, and it is also a legal requirement. But how do you know where to get the best deal? Well… here are some tips for you.

Car Insurance

Use Comparison Sites

Sites such as MoneySuperMarket allow you to fill in your information and gives you a list of possible quotes from different providers. This saves you the time trawling through hundreds of companies trying to find the best deal for you and your vehicle.

Limit The Number Of Drivers

The more people you have covered by your policy, the more it’s going to cost. And if you’ve got your children on your policy as they learn to drive; remember to take them off once they get their own up and running.

Fit A Black Box

A black box is a piece of kit which you can have mounted on your vehicle as a means of reducing the cost of your insurance. The way it works is that the black box, like in airplanes, monitors your driving skill and speed- if you are a careful driver you can be rewarded. You can learn more about the black box here:

Request a Higher Excess

Excess is the money you will have to pay for any damages done to the vehicle. If you agree to a higher excess, it stands to reason that your insurance cost will go down. You’ll just want to be extra careful on the road to avoid having to pay out.

Recreational Use Only

You can choose what your car will be used for when calculating a quote, and if you decide ‘social, domestic and pleasure’ only, the policy will be cheaper than if you commute to work. Of course, if you work on the other side of town then this isn’t really worth doing, but if you could walk or ride a bike to work- definitely consider this option to save a little extra cash.

Mileage Cap

If a car is on the road less often, it is less likely to be involved in a collision. Because of this, agreeing to a mileage cap of 15000 a year could save you money on your policy.

Buy Online

Most people these days do their shopping online, and this should be no different when it comes to your car insurance. Paying for your policy on an insurance site such as can save you up to 5% on your bill immediately.

Don’t Pay Direct Debit

Although the thought of paying all at once in a big lump sum is scary, it works out cheaper. If you can afford to do this, it can save you between 10 and 25% of your bill.

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