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The Audi R8 Explored: The Brand New Super Car Everyone is Going to Love

The R8 was launched back in 2006. Boy, has it come on leaps and bounds since. Since its conception, everyone has fallen in love with the Audi R8. But, the new release for 2015 is tipped to be one of the most exciting car launches in a long time. Let’s face it; Audi has barely put a foot wrong over the last few years. They are mean machines. What’s more, they are the epitome of style, class and money. The Audi is a simplistic status symbol. It’s not ostentatious in its design. But, everyone has fallen in love with the classy design of the Audi.

The Audi R8 Explored

Engine Specs

The new R8 is sure to please petrol heads everywhere. The V10 and V10 Plus engines are sure to be a crowd pleaser. But, the 5.2 litre engines are going to be what holds the most appeal for Audi fans. The 533 BHP capacities is a keen feature. It’s the new generation of Audi. From super sensible to super car, Audi have done it again.

Engine wise, the R8 is a big leap for the automotive giant. The concept showed that the V10 Plus engine was capable of making a lot of noises. But, despite the kick ass motor, it’s a great car for everyday use. Sure, you may not want to put the kids in it (sticky fingers on beautiful upholstery is a no-no) but it looks great and performs well. Oh, did we mention that the V10 Plus engine kicks out an impressive 602 BHP too?

Despite the unusual engine specs, the carbon ceramic brakes are fitted as standard. This results in the R8 becoming a whopping 50 KG lighter than other cars. The seven speed gearbox will see you hurtling down the motorway in no time at all.

According to Audi claims, and we do believe them, the V10 Plus will do 0-62MPH in 3.2 seconds. Wow. The acceleration figures of the new R8 match that of the Lamborghini Huracan. But, without the pretentious styling.

Interior Styling

Sources at Merchants Automotive have said that the styling of the R8 is nothing short of stunning. What would you expect from Audi really? The interior is a supple and soft. The flat bottomed steering wheel could be viewed as large. But when you are handling such a mean machine, it makes sense to have a feeling of control. The sports buttons and the drive select mode are great for cruising and long journeys. But, the checked flag button entitled ‘performance mode’ is sure to put tingles up and down your spine.

The dash is akin to the TT. But, don’t let that put your off. The Sat Nav screen is a clever tech point from Audi. The soft materials and the attention to detail are classic Audi. For those that are embarking on long journeys and want to test the R8, you will be pleased to know that it is exceptionally roomy and is amazingly comfortable.

So, are there any bad points? Well, unless you have a spare £100,000 the likelihood is that you won’t own one. Still, it’s nice to dream.

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