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Is It Time To Think Small? City Cars To Suit Your Needs

There was a time when all things auto were very much focused on bigger and better. Even some of the smaller cars seemed to inflate insize as each release came out. Bumpers would be bigger and curvier, and features would look more bold. Bigger cares were often seen as the thing to have. The big engine, the large vehicle body, the presence on the road. But having said that, there is much more of trend now for the smaller vehicles on the road. The reason being mainly for ease of drive and cost effectiveness.

The big vehicles tend to have big engines, but now with so much focus around the environment and the impact driving has on it, more people are now turning their thoughts ot buying smaller and city cars. These days they are filled to the brim with the latest automotive technology, and no longer seen as a cheap alternative for getting yourself from one place to another. I wanted to share with you some of the city cars you could consider to help suit your driving needs for the future.

The Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz

Honda have some great vehicles in the small car range, and one of them has to be the Honda Jazz. Only this year it has had a complete revamp, meaning the compact cars with big features forward thinking Honda has is now engulfed on the new Jazz. Available in a punchy 1.3 engine that can have either a manual or automatic gearbox, what this car might lack in nimbleness, being slightly bigger than some of the other marketplace options out there, it makes up for in the cabin comfort and practical elements. It is definitely a great vehicle and with upgrade suspension and ethnology in the cab, one to consider as your next city car purchase.

The Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta. An iconic name when it comes to small and city cars, and the longevity of the Fiesta means that Ford have to improve on it to make sure that it still remains what people have known to love and respect about the model. The latest revamp of the Fiesta saw last year improved the specification and the suspension, as well as the engine models available. Now with Sync 3, means more hands free options and connectivity, the Fiesta will read you your text messages, listen to voice commands and allow you to main focused on the road. The style itself has change a little, with more curves and a sports like expertrio. But Ford decided to not mess too much with what works with Fiesta, meaning it is still one of the most popular city and super mini cars around.

The Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa, or Opel depending on which part of the world you are in, is another iconic and well known small vehicle that has had a lot of work over the years bring it close to one of its biggest rivals the Ford Fiesta. The latest version hasn’t seen much in terms of change, latest surveys from customers showed that the biggest change they wanted was a heated windscreen, and so now the latest version boasts that. Other changes include a little difference to the body shape and styling, but a change in suspension giving a more comfortable ride on the road. Overall, the Corsa is here to stay and is certainly becoming a big rival now in terms of the city cars available on the market.


MINI is a real iconic brand wouldn’t you agree? While it has one general style, there are now many options you can get to suit your needs while still maintaining that small and city car experience. The standard MINI is small and concise, full of power and presence. But these days you can now buy them that have a more SUV feel to them. Raised seating positions, higher off the road, and can even have the capability of a four wheel drive experience. As city cars go, the MINI is definitely a contender, but it can also be more than some of the other vehicles out there on the market.

The Mazda 2

Some would say that the MAZDA 2 is extremely similar to the Ford Fiesta of previous models, and that is because the chassi is so similar. But everything else about the Mazda 2, apart from the appearance, is very much different. Being a Japanese brand, you are more likely to find decent specification and technology on the Mazda. Available in an array of engine sizes and also in a manual and automatic gearbox, you also have the flexibility of choice in this range.

Seat Leon

Slightly bigger than some of the other models we have discussed, but definitely one to consider as a city car thanks to the dynamic appeal of the deterioration and interior cabin. The Seat Leon is definitely not one to disregard. The latest version boast a lot of specification including Lane assist, DAB radio, satellite navigation and dual exhaust pipes. Out of them all, apart from the MINI I would say it has the more sports like styling, and the suspension does match that ride. So it could give you the feeling of driving something more sportier than what you actually have.

Hyundai i10

One of the smallest city cars we have discussed is the Hyundai i10. Hyundai is a South Korean brand and can really pack a punch. There is a limited rage, but this can make things easier in terms of finding what you want, and it could possibly be one of the cheaper and best value for money options we have discussed today. Small in size but quick and dynamic in handling. The engine size is a 1.0 litre which gives you the benefit of very low emissions, being cheap to run, but also works well with the size of vehicle. It is definitely the ultimate city car in terms of size, but in regards to specification and looks some of the others will outweigh it.

I hope that this has given you a better idea of what is out there on the market.

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