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Ways To Check A Used Vehicle Is Safe Before You Buy

When you buy a used vehicle it’s difficult to know whether what you’re seeing is really what you’re getting. Leading car manufacturer, Honda, has revealed there are more than 63,000 of its vehicles with defective airbags still on the roads, and there are numerous other automobile makes affected, too. But, when you’re parting with hundreds or thousands of dollars of your hard earned cash, you want to be sure that the safety features of your car are in full working order to protect you when on the road. 

Check A Used Vehicle

Carry out rigorous checks 

Before parting with any cash, get a mechanic to check over the vehicle. This will cost you, but could save you thousands in the long run if the vehicle proves to be a dud. Make sure you do your own checks too, such as ensuring the vehicle is free of finance and genuinely belongs to the seller and isn’t a rental vehicle being used to con you out of your money. Also, carefully consider the make and model of the automobile. If it’s one of the 37 million which have been recalled due to defective airbags, be sure to check that the manufacturer has completed all the required safety recall repairs. 

Find out the history

The history of any vehicle is important, so, ask about the service history, the number of previous owners and the reason for sale. The current seller should have plenty of paperwork to back up their claims regarding any recent work that’s been carried out. And, if you’re aware that the car was subject to a recall, get confirmation that the repairs were completed by the necessary dealer. Should anything sound too good to be true and you’re presented with what appears to be fraudulent paperwork, then walk away, rather than risking your safety and your cash. 

Go for a test drive

One of the best ways to ensure that a vehicle is functioning adequately is to take it out on the road. Ideally, you need to test it for as long as possible and on different road types. While out, check how basic car safety features, such as the antilock brakes and traction control perform. Once you’re happy that the vehicle is in great condition and is being sold as seen, you can strike a deal with the seller. Or, if you’d rather continue to shop around, don’t be afraid to turn away and seek out an alternative used car deal in your area.

Purchasing a second hand car comes with many benefits. However, before parting with your cash, take the time to check that your potential new set of wheels is in full working order, safe to drive and is being sold by a genuine seller for a legitimate reason.

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