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Don’t Let Textual Harassment Go Unpunished

While the term textual harassment is not as common as that of sexual harassment, it doesn’t mean it is not a problem.

When it comes to this issue, have you heard of textual harassment?

textual harassment

For those who’ve not heard of it, textual harassment boils down to using a mobile device to harass another. For example, it can be co-workers, romantic relationships, or with a past employee. That said it is an issue that one does not want to take in a light manner.

So, will you let textual harassment go unpunished?

Knowing When to Act

If you or someone close to you is dealing with a textual harassment case, when is it time to act?

First, know the warning signs before things get too far advanced.

As an example, do you have a co-worker who you gave your cell phone number to a while back? If so, was it that you two might hang out after work or you’d both be there for each other in an emergency? Over time, the friendship changed. Now, that individual wants to be more than only a friend. For you, you’re not ready for that.

During this time, that individual began texting you some inappropriate comments or images. Although you asked them to stop doing so, they continue with the texts. Since they are not doing it on their work time, you may feel as if their employer can’t do anything to stop it.

When the time comes where you feel unsafe and scared, make sure you do something about it.

Like you would not want someone having your personal identity online, the same is true with texts.

You can opt to try and deal with the situation between the two of you. You might also come to the realization that both police and legal counsel may need to intercede.

Be Educated on the Subject

Although you may have had the inkling to what textual harassment is, you might not know all it can encompass.

That said there is a fair amount of information online detailing the subject. As a result, you might well want to study up on the matter to become more educated about it.

As an example, what would you do if your teen daughter was being harassed on her mobile device by a male classmate?

Did that individual take a liking to your daughter? As such, he got her phone number and they began texting one another.

At some point, the friendship and even relationship went south. Now, your daughter wants to be free from this individual. Unfortunately, he not only sees her in class, but he also is texting her before and after school. With that in mind, would you know how to handle the situation?

By being more educated on the subject, you will in all hopes act the right way in bringing the problem to a halt.

When it comes to textual harassment, don’t let you or a loved one be the next victim.

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