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Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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The Mistakes Men Make When Trying To Dress Sharp

You’ve got to understand, the modern suits that men wear, from celebrities to CEOs have all come from a long lineage of history. Many men who want to dress sharp, make the mistake of following the trends of what famous men wear in the limelight. However, you’ve got to understand, that these millionaires and billionaires, all have one thing in common. They all have access to some of the best tailors in the world, who themselves come from a long line of tailors which have been in the profession for sometimes hundreds of years. The key for the average man to dress sharp is to know the basics and try to mold your style and preferences around those principles. You won’t get the best of the best and the exact look you want because if you don’t have a tailor that can literally sculpt the clothes around your specific measurements, you will need a sharp eye instead.

Mistakes Men

The dress shirt

Perhaps this is the most complicated clothing item of the entire aim of dressing sharp, is the dress shirt. This is because the shoulders have to fit deltoids, contour down to the biceps and triceps, while also fitting neatly across the chest and the shoulder blades. The shirt will also need to fit snugly around the waist as well as it should around the neck. The key for most men is to make sure you measure yourself accurately. Write down the length of your arms, from the top of the shoulder to the wrists to get an accurate picture of your reach in inches. Next, you need to measure your waist and upper chest. Do so with a measuring tape, making sure that when you’re doing so, the circumference of your torso is tightly rounded with the tape; don’t leave any pockets of air between. With these measurements, you can find the best shirt, that will fit you in the slim style.

The suit jacket

Although the measurements of your torso, as used for the dress shirt will be used, they won’t be as urgent for the jacket. The importance of function for the jacket is to, be able to close one button at least around your core or stomach area. The shoulders should snugly fit, as well as the arms going slightly behind or on your wrists. The length should be so, that you can ‘shoot your cuffs’ which means, having a little bit of your shirt protruding out so, at the end of the arms, there is a flick of white or whatever color it is. Look on The Iconic, for blazers which might suit your style. You have the ability to wear casual blazers that go well with jeans and even t-shirts, but also, formal suits great for business or professional events. Remember, together with the shirt and the jacket, you’re aiming for the classic V shape, with your shoulders contouring and dictating to the rest of your upper body.

Many men know the embarrassment of wearing a suit that just doesn’t look right. It’s because it doesn’t fit right, which makes the importance of properly measuring your body crucial. You can buy off the rack, and still, have the suit fit properly, so you look sharp. Aim for the classic V shape, and make sure your chest, shoulders, and core are in line with each other and flow smoothly together.

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