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Shaman Shunned For Camel Hunting In Siberia

A video shows an animal burning, apparently, camels were sacrificed in honor of Russia. The Shaman now gets into trouble with the prosecutor and the Shaman Association.

Camel Hunter Shaman

For the first time in 300 years, shamans in Siberia are said to have sacrificed camels in honor of Russia – promptly they got into trouble. The top shaman of Russia called the controversial ritual on Friday “sadism”. Camels are sacred animals for shamans, said Kara-Ool Tjuljuschewitsch the radio station Echo Moskwy.

The cause of the hustle and bustle around the camels is a video in which the shamanic association Tengeri burns five carcasses of the animals along with plenty of furs. Previously, the animals had been shown alive. It is impossible to see how they are killed.

The prosecutor’s office Angarsk in the Irkutsk region near Lake Baikal now wants to check whether camels were actually sacrificed. Chief Tyuljevich announced to convene the Council of Shamans of Russia. There should be excluded the initiator of the ritual, Arthur Tsjubikow. The cult of shamans is widespread in Russia, especially in the east of the country.

Tsyubikov told the Russian news agency Tass that such sacrifices would only be made in exceptional cases “when the state or the people face serious problems”. The shamans there had not performed such a ritual for 300 years. In the video, which met great response on the Internet, Tsjubikov said that as religious people they had decided “to use our prayers to help our state, our citizens and our peoples living in our vast homeland of Russia”.

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