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What Happens If You Meet Someone You Want To Marry Abroad?

Do you love to travel the world and experience new cultures and ideas? Have you spent most of the last five years moving from country to country on a life-changing journey? Then it’s likely you might fall in love and meet someone you want to marry. It doesn’t matter if you’re from different continents because human relationships have no borders. However, it’s wise to educate yourself ahead of time in case that happens soon. As you might expect, marrying someone abroad can become somewhat of a minefield. Things become even more complicated when you want to end your traveling days and settle down. With that in mind, you should read the advice on this page.


Getting married in a foreign country

If you want any hope of bringing your loved one home one day, you’ll have to marry in their country of residence. Depending on where you are in the world, that could mean you have to jump through many hoops. However, in most instances, you just have to pay a small fee and complete some simple paperwork. You are then free to get married in India, China, or wherever you might find yourself. Just bear in mind that you are not legally wed in your home country until you perform a ceremony within their jurisdiction. That said, saying your vows abroad first is still the best route to take.

Applying for a visa for your new spouse

Once your marriage is finalized, you’ll need to ask for a permit if you want to bring your new partner home. A Platinum Immigration visa is not hard to obtain if you have the right paperwork. You just need to get in touch with relevant firms and discuss your options. There are plenty of companies out there that specialize in helping people in your position. So, do some research, obtain some quotes, and make your selection. In some instances, the process can take a couple of years. However, you can usually speed things along with some extra financial investment.

Getting married in your home country

If you manage to obtain a visa for your spouse, they can come to live with you at home. In most circumstances, you still need to get married again when you arrive. The process is much the same as it was before. However, this time, it’s your partner who needs to complete an endless stream of paperwork. Once you get married at home, your wife/husband can make an application for citizenship. They should get accepted unless they have a criminal record or something negative on their file. You can then have children and complete the final stages of the process.

Now you understand the ins and outs of getting married abroad; we hope you won’t let laws and rules get in the way of your happiness. When you find someone you love, it’s important to hang onto them with both hands. You never know when the world might come between you and ruin your plans. So, make the most of what you have now, and don’t hesitate if you want to move back home.

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