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Don’t Let Your Injury Take Over Your Life – Here’s What To Do

When you’ve been injured, it’s incredibly easy to allow that injury take over your life. All you think about is the injury, all you talk about is the injury, pretty soon, you feel like you have nothing going for you apart from the injury. It’s a story that many people have to live out over and over again. However, you shouldn’t let this story and stories similar to this become your reality. Instead, you need to make sure you’re not allowing your injury to take over your life by using the advice below. Read on to feel almost instantly better:

apart from the injury

Stay As Active As You Can

This might sound counter productive, but it’s actually a very important step that you’ll want to stick to if you have an injury. Staying as active as you can will stop you from getting stiff and making your injury even worse. You may need to see a physio – if you do, make sure you do what they tell you to do when you’re at home, too. Depending on the level of the injury, you may only be able to do so much. Just do what you can and try to push yourself that bit further each time.

Listen To Your Doctor’s Advice

Always listen to your doctor’s advice, and if for whatever reason you’re not happy with it, then get a second opinion. Ignoring your doctor’s advice can mean taking even longer to heal, and you don’t want that. That being said, you don’t want to rush healing either. Healing will happen when it’s ready, and it can vary from person to person. All you can do is make sure you stay as positive as you can and support yourself with the right nutrition and exercise.

Don’t Let It Define You

Watch your language and thoughts in general – studies have shown that those who are more positive and determined to recover do so quicker than those who sit and mope around. It can be tempting to sit and feel sorry for yourself, but no positives ever came from having a victim mentality. You need to stay as far away from your victim mentality as possible. The more you focus on how you were wronged or how sorry you are for yourself, the worse you will feel. Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and of course you should honour all of your emotions, but don’t dwell on what has happened and take it to the extreme.

Get Some Help If You Need It

If you need help, then make sure you get it. You could make your life far easier if you accept help, whoever it may be from. You may want to look into hiring a qualified personal injury lawyer, or if you’re struggling to accept your situation, then a counselor or psychologist. Think about what is troubling you most and what you need help with and then go on the hunt for those who could help you. A weight will feel like it has been lifted from your shoulders when you’ve got the help you need.

Accept Your Reality

One of the hardest things to do when you’ve suffered from an injury can be to accept your reality. Resist self-sabotage by choosing not to live in the illusion of how things should be. Accept that everything happens for a reason, and take comfort in the fact that we can learn valuable lessons from things like this.

Don’t Put The Blame Onto Others

People can control how they act, you can’t control how others act. You can, however, control how you act. If you dwell on what happened and wish ill upon the people you feel have wronged you, you’re not going to be harming anybody but yourself in the long run. Although what happened may not have been something that was your fault, you really don’t have to dwell on and hate the other person.

Put Things Into Perspective

When you suffer, it can feel like you’re the only one in the world who is suffering. However, many people out there right now are in your situation, and sometimes even in a worse situation. Acknowledge that things could be much worse and put them into perspective. Instead, why not help others who are suffering? Spread the word, share your opinion and your voice – it’s what the world needs.

Practice As Much Gratitude As You Can

When you’re injured but you can still find plenty of things to be grateful for, you know you’re out of that victim mentality. Victims often get blinded by what they think is missing. Be mindful towards your negative emotions, and while you should honour them and not suppress them, you should not exaggerate them. You need to learn how to accept all of your thoughts without judging them and connect properly with your emotions. Silencing them can be as bad as allowing your emotions to take over.

It takes guts not to allow your injury to take over your life. One important thing to remember is that it’s the ego that wants us to stay feeling in fear, like a victim, with a bad mentality. Feeling your emotions is important, but you shouldn’t exaggerate them or mope around. Do what you can to heal, and don’t try to rush the process. In fact, it might be a good idea to take this as a sign that you need to slow down. What can you do while you’re injured? Maybe you can catch up on your reading, or teach yourself a new skill. Maybe you can have some time off work and spend it with your family. Whatever you do, make it productive. You don’t have to be having the worst time. Don’t let yourself be that person.

If you feel negatively about this post, please ask yourself: could you be in the victim mentality? Do you feel targeted because you want to feel sorry for yourself, and you want others to do the same? You could change your life with this kind of introspection!

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