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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? If You Have 1 or More of These Symptoms,

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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Remove Dead Trees from Your Yard before They Fall

When a tree on your property or place of business dies, it is very important to have it removed for a variety of reasons.Aside from becoming more and more unattractive, it may lead to an array of potential health issues ranging from pests and diseases to branches breaking off and falling. As far as diseases go, anything from chlorosis to powdery mildews can develop and spread to other plants and shrubbery.

Dead Trees

If it happens to be an elm, extra care has to be taken in its removal. Elm wood cannot be used as firewood in the province of Alberta. Alberta is one of the last places in North America and Europe where Dutch elm disease has not yet decimated the local population. However, the beetles that spread it have been found here. There are very strict laws in place to make sure that DED does not become a reality in Alberta. You will need a license to prune or remove an elm in the spring or the summer when the beetles are active and may move from one plant to another. Plants that stand directly under a dead oak or ash are susceptible to pests, too. The falling branches can become a serious danger to your property, as well as anyone who walks directly underneath the crown.

Tree removal in Edmonton is also best left up to the professionals due to the specific skills and safety precautions that the procedure requires. Some canopies are also very close to power lines, meaning there is a risk of electrocution. If you suspect, but are not certain, that an elm or maple on your property is dying, don’t hesitate to contact a local Edmonton arborist for a consultation and evaluation. Tree removal in Edmonton is also a matter of precision – hiring an amateur or doing it yourself can be incredibly dangerous. ISA-certified arborists are experts at low-impact rigging and safe procedures. Attempting to do it yourself is highly likely to result in serious injury, not to mention the challenge of borrowing the necessary equipment. You can get a free estimate from Edmonton tree removal experts like Chipps Tree Care.

If your neighbour appears to be negligent, you can offer to prune their branches, which promotes the longevity of pines and spruces. You will have to take care to cut only as far as your property line. This is why pruningcanopies is also best left to trained professionals. The professionals at Chippstree.com know how to assess crownsand come up with the best strategy for maintenance.

If an elm falls on your property, you are more than welcome to scream “timber” at the top of your lungs before calling your insurance company. However, you should also immediatelycall an Edmonton tree removal service like Chipps Tree Care to remove the mess from your yard and property. Consult the professionals for a free estimate on any job on residential or commercial properties.

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