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Aliens Signal HD164595 Star’s Planet Fact Or Fib..

Aliens Signal HD164595 Star’s Planet known as HD164595 B received. Planet HD164595 aliens are broadcasting signal, fact or a fib? The astronomer caught a signal using the RATAN-600 radio telescope, A huge radio observatory in Zelenchukskaya, in southwestern Russia. They informed the world that their data points a signal came from the direction of a star called HD164595 which is G type star. They informed that the unknown signal is almost 95 light-years distant from our planet Earth.

Alien Singal from HD164595 B
Alien Singal from HD164595 B (Image – Kenin Gill)

Moreover, the planet HD164595 b is located in the Hercules constellation and has one known planet which orbits in a 40 day cycle. Many peoples received an email from SETI researchers with the bold subject “Candidate SETI SIGNAL DETECTED by Russians from star HD164595 by virtue of RATAN-600 radio telescope.”

Aliens Signal HD164595 development

The peoples who got an email from the SETI researchers were disappointed when they took a look at the presentation The Social Magazine sourced . Because in one out of 39 scans which passed over stars showed a signal at approximately 4.5 times the mean noise power with a profile which resembles a bit likely the beam profile. Obviously SETI researchers have received millions of potential signals with similar strength. But that’s not enough, being an excellent candidate it takes more than a good.

The earth became excited as the news spread like all around the globe and every news reporter start making their stories about the Alien signals. It is said that the star is about the size of the sun and it is known that it have a planet in its orbits. Granted, that planet orbits much closer to its star than Mercury orbits the Sun. So it may be possible that the life exists on that planet.


Update on Aliens Signal HD164595

On August 31, 2016, Russian astronomer Yulia Sotnikova confirmed that It can be said with confidence that no sought-for signal has been detected yet.” He also add that this alien signal from HD164595 may caused by a Russian military satellite. Alarms like this are part of the process of finding for extraterrestrial life. SETI Institute pointed the Allen Telescope Array pointed its telescopes for two days but did not detected any Alien signal. So it is a disappointing update for At fans. 

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