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Detained Huawei Finance Chief Comes Out On Bail

6.5 million euros bail, electronic shackles – under these conditions, the risk of absconding for the arrested in Canada Huawei Finance Director Meng Wanzhou low.

She was released from custody.Detained in Canada, Huawei Finance Chief Meng Wanzhou is released on bail and strict conditions. 

A judge in Vancouver ordered the release of the 46-year-old Chinese top manager on Tuesday. She has to pay ten million Canadian dollars (about 6.5 million euros) in bail, wear an electronic ankle bracelet and hand over her two passports. In addition, she is not allowed to leave her apartment in Vancouver at night.

The judge apparently saw the risk of absconding as low: The risk that Meng in the extradition process does not appear in court, could be reduced by the proposed by her lawyer conditions to an “acceptable level,” said the judge.

The chief financial officer of Chinese technology giant Huawei was arrested on December 1 in Vancouver at the instigation of the United States. US Justice accuses her of violating Iran sanctions and demands her extradition. The extradition proceedings against the 46-year-old daughter of the Huawei founder should begin only in early February. It could take months, or even years, if all legal remedies are exhausted.

Meng’s arrest further weighed on the already strained relations between Beijing and Washington. China strongly protested the arrest and denounced Monday an “inhumane” treatment of Meng. However, US President Donald Trump hinted Tuesday that he could intervene in the case if it served the ongoing trade talks with China. “I will do everything that is good for the country”. A new trade agreement with Beijing is “a very important thing” and “good for national security”. If it was “necessary,” he would turn himself on the Meng case, the US president said.

Meanwhile, a former Canadian diplomat, according to his employer, was arrested in China. The International Crisis Group (ICG) said on Tuesday it was aware of the imprisonment of its China expert Michael Kovrig, who represented his country as a diplomat in Beijing, Hong Kong and the United Nations. “We are doing everything we can to get more information about Michael’s whereabouts and his speedy and safe return,” it said in a statement.

Kovrig has been working for the Think Tank for a year, known for his research into the peaceful resolution of global conflicts. From China, there were initially no official comments on the incident. Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said the government is following the case at the highest level.

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