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Should We Hide The News From Our Children?

2017 has been a year full of loss, and we’re only halfway through it. In the UK alone, there have been many different terror attacks including the horrific event that happened in Manchester at the young pop star Ariana Grande’s concert, the London Bridge attacks and even the fire that happened in Grenfell Tower block in London. There have been so many lives taken within just the past few months, and this is being plastered over the tv and the internet.

Should We Hide The News From Our Children

If you have children, then this is every parent’s worst nightmare. You want to shield them from all the bad and evil things. You want to protect them and tell them that everything will be fine, but as time goes on, saying this feels more and more of a lie.

But what impact does the news really have on our children? Is it good for them to know what is going on in the world, or should we try and hide it to ensure their innocence?

Well, the fact of that matter is that even if we never put the news on our tv, and made sure we change the radio station as soon as the headlines come on – they go to school. Whether or not the teachers decide to talk about the events that have been going on is one thing. But even if they don’t – kids talk. Don’t ever underestimate their intelligence. They may not come up to you and speak about what is happening, but they are bound to have that one friend that hears their parents talking, or got a glimpse of the news channel. So however you try and protect them from seeing these awful images over the past few months – they will most likely have seen them already.

Some people believe that it’s good that our children have a realistic understanding of the World, and knowing that they are not invisible at a young age may ensure them to pay closer attention and be more careful.

While others say that they are still children, and should be enjoying their life in the bubble of imagination and magic because we grow up so fast, why would you want to spoil it?

So maybe it’s just about finding the happy medium. – Making them aware that there are bad things out there so we have to be extra careful – but not in a way that instills fear in them, so much so that they struggle to get to sleep and have nightmares.

Like the Grenfell Tower incident for example, make your children aware of it, but then reassure them about the safety precautions you can take so this doesn’t happen to you. Have a fire alarm, along with the right protection like safety fire blankets and curtains. (You can visit for more information on this.) Get your appliances checked regularly, and of course the obvious rule, like don’t play around with matches or lighters.  

What we do have to remember is that when a negative thing does happen – it makes a great headline, so we will see it again and again and again. – That’s the media for you.

Unfortunately this makes us forget the love, beauty, and good in this world. But it still exists – it’s everywhere in fact. So do all you can to hold onto that.

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