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Shocking Motorcycle Crash Statistics Everyone Should Read

Our roads have become incredibly dangerous in recent times thanks to an increase in the number of vehicles. People using motorcycles are still the most likely to suffer an injury when traveling around the country. With that in mind, we wanted to set the record straight by highlighting some shocking statistics. Hopefully, the information will help you to make better decisions about your chosen means of transport in the future. Also, these facts might encourage you to stop your kids from getting a bike licence when they reach the appropriate age. While motorcycles are fun, it’s important that everyone understands the risks.

motorcycle crashes each year

Around 4,500 people die in motorcycle crashes each year

When it comes to fatalities, the percentage of individuals who don’t make it through a bike crash is high. In 2014, statistics show that 4,586 people died while riding a motorcycle in the US. That figure was down slightly from the previous year, but it’s still a staggering statistic. Indeed, companies like Black & Johnson deal with more compensation cases related to deaths than ever before. Legal experts who work in the field often represent family members who seek justice after an accident occurs.

Around 90,000 motorcyclists are injured every year

Thankfully, most crashes do not result in fatalities. Research shows that more than 90,000 riders suffer injuries each and every year. In 2014, that figure stood at 92,000, which was 4.5% higher than the previous year. People studying the subject claim that better road awareness could help to reduce that number. Many of the crashes happen when riders are traveling in adverse weather conditions or failing to pay attention. A minor accident in a car might not result in any injuries. However, almost every motorcycle crash sends the driver to the hospital.

Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a crash

Compared to people who have an accident in their car, riders are twenty-six times more likely to die in a collision. That is because the body of a four-wheel vehicle will often take most of the impact. Seatbelts help to keep drivers safe, and most cars also have excellent safety features. Unfortunately, there are no airbags for people riding bikes. If they become involved in a collision, their bodies take the full impact of the crash. So, you might want to think again if you’ve considered buying a new Harley-Davidson this summer.

As you can see from the statistics on this page, riding a motorbike is much more dangerous than driving a car. You might not feel the wind rushing through your hair, but at least, you won’t end up in the hospital if you stick to vehicles with seatbelts. Do yourself a favor and look for more information and facts online if you still think buying a bike is a good idea. The last thing we want is for something bad to happen that takes you away from your family. Unless you’re a single person with no responsibilities, you should always choose a car.

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