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Will It Be Impossible To Immigrate To America In 2017?

If you’ve been following news reports, reading tweets from the President Elect or simply listening to people talking you might be worried about immigration. Particularly, if you were hoping for family members to immigrate to America this year. Or, perhaps you yourself are looking to move to the country of the land of the free. Maybe you’ve already moved over and are now concerned that your rights might be changed. Could you be removed from the country as easily as being evicted from your home? Let’s break down the facts, the fiction and why there’s no reason to panic, yet.

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Trump Hasn’t Announced His Plans For Immigration

First, it’s important to remember that Trump isn’t actually in power yet. Currently, he’s putting together a team of staff, and this has worried a number of people. Mainly because many of the people who he’s choosing are from the alt right. That said, Trump has not announced official plans for immigration. We only know about the plans he talked about on campaign trail which have already changed substantially. For instance, Trump claimed he was going to stop all Muslims coming into the USA. Now he has backed away from this idea, perhaps because it’s very difficult to prove or check someone’s belief system.

Obama himself maintained that Trump would settle down if he was elected into power. Therefore, it’s likely that any plans he had to stop immigration will be neutered in 2017 if not forgotten completely.

Stopping Immigration Is A Plan That Would Doom America

While Trump may be concerned over the levels of immigration in America he must realise that the country also relies on immigrants. Despite what those who voted for Brexit in the UK believe the world has changed. You can’t go back to a laissez faire attitude. You need help from other countries to survive. You need an influx of labour, skills and resources. Therefore, immigration must continue if America is to thrive.

It Was Always Difficult

Don’t forget, it’s never been easy to immigrate to America. The Law Office of Van T. Doan and similar firms deal with hundreds of cases every year where they fight to help get someone into the country. It’s always been a struggle. Your best bet is to make sure you already have a job when you get over. That way, you can show your value and gain some support from an employer. This should improve your chances of being granted the right to immigrate.

Can Your Rights Be Taken Away?

Don’t believe the scaremongering. The idea that people who have legally immigrated to the country already could be removed is ridiculous. This is not World War II and the government now in power is not a new version of the Nazis. People will soon realise that very little has changed in America and immigration is not going to suddenly fall away overnight. The changes that occur when Trump is in power will probably be more subtle than people realise. Particularly in the first year when the new President is still finding his feet.

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