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Hillary Clinton

“I will not compete, but I will continue to work, speak and stand up for what I believe in,” the ex-Foreign Minister said. Hillary Clinton will not enter the US presidential election campaign in 2020. “I will not compete,...

By Howard Johnson on Mar 6th, 2019
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton urged political action Friday in response to the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, pushing her followers to “remember these feelings in November, and VOTE.” “This week we lost 17 Americans in Parkland...

By Howard Johnson on Feb 17th, 2018

None of the electors are constitutionally bound to follow the will of the people they represent, and so in this bizarre election (and post-election) season, an arcane system that was established at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 could...

Hillary Clinton

After incumbent President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba recently, a lot of folks have begun to realise that this is the beginning of the end. With the U.S Presidential Election pencilled in for November 8th, 2016, Obama doesn’t have long...

By admin on Apr 2nd, 2016