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Boeing 737 MAX

American Airlines does not expect to be able to restart the Boeing 737 MAX before mid-August. Following the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX8 with 157 deaths in Ethiopia in March, and a similar crash of a plane of the same type off the Indonesian...

By Howard Johnson on Apr 15th, 2019
Venezuela Crisis

In the current power struggle in Venezuela, Moscow is behind the controversial head of state Nicolás Maduro. The US and about 50 other states have opposed the opposition leader Juan Guaidó. An airplane with the Russian flag is seen at Simon...

By Steve Weichel on Mar 25th, 2019
Driver Confessed To Murder

The man opened fire on passers-by in the state of Michigan in 2016: “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”  A man working for the Uber car service confessed to the murder of six people in the US state of Michigan in...

By Steve Weichel on Jan 8th, 2019
US defy Israel

United nation has been defying extraordinary pressure from President-elect Donald J. Trump and furious lobbying by Israel, the Obama administration on Friday allowed the United Nations Security Council to adopt a resolution that condemned Israeli...

By Howard Johnson on Dec 24th, 2016