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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? If You Have 1 or More of These Symptoms,

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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3 Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Life

Your smartphone is an invaluable tool. It can be used for so many things in your life. Of all of those things, you can use it to help to manage the various aspects of your life. With that in mind, here are three excellent types of app that can help you manage your life.

3 Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Life

Time Management Apps

Time management is something that some people need help with. You aren’t sure what needs doing or when. Thankfully, your phone has access to lots of really helpful time management apps. Things like Any.Do provide an excellent way to create to-do lists, organize them, set reminders and even invite other people to your lists. This means that they can be great if you need to work with someone else to get things done. This might be a collaborative work project or it might be a packing list for your vacation. Any.Do is really versatile. If you need to manage your time on a larger scale for something like a project, then Trello is an excellent choice. Trello allows you to map out your project in advance, assigned tasks to people and receive feedback and notification on completed sections. It works great for planning a birthday party or a work project.

Finance Apps

When it comes to finance apps, you have a lot of choices. Click on this link for a comprehensive Status Money review. Other helpful finance apps include any that are specific to your bank. Apps like this mean that you can check your balance and transfer money easily from your mobile phone. They mean that you no longer need to go into a branch or access your online banking from a computer. Another helpful finance app is Mint. Mint allows you to connect all of your bank accounts and credit cards in one central location. This means that you can easily see how much you spent across all your accounts and cards from a single, helpful app. Mint also informs you about bill deadlines, gives you a free credit score and provides financial advice based on your spending habits.

Communication Apps

Communicating is one of the primary ways that you will use your smartphone. However, some apps do it better than others. Few allow you to communicate easier to more securely than WhatsApp. You can easily chat or call anyone that you add to WhatsApp. You can also create group chats as well. However, if you want something with a few more options, then you might want to try out Slack. Slack is fantastic if you are trying to communicate with your work colleagues, organize things and get stuff done. You can split Slack into various channels that mean you can separate areas of work. You can also integrate Slack with things like Google Drive or even host polls. You can have locked and hidden groups if you want to have somewhere for managers to hold discussions. You can also directly message members of your Slack group as well. This makes Slack an excellent way to communicate.

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