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3 Ways The Emergency Services Use Technology Today

Police Officers in Canada and all around the world use technology on a daily basis. Indeed, they have become incredibly reliant on gadgets during the last ten years. Just for fun, we’re going to take a look at some of the most important ways tech advancements make their lives easier. We spoke to a top ranking Officer from the Canadian Police Department to find out as much information as possible about that issue. He gave us an exciting insight into the lives of Police personnel today, and how they use machines to keep the public safe.

Police Car Lights

Directed audio tools for crowd control

No Police Officer wants to hurt a member of the public during a protest or rally. However, those events can often get out of hand fast, and they have to keep everyone safe. So, crowd control is always a big issue for law enforcement. The professional we interviewed claimed that directed sound amplification devices are a godsend. They can disperse crowds of thousands of people without causing a single injury or arrest. Specially trained Officers just point the tool in the right direction and switch it on. Loud and uncomfortable noises are then played to the crowd until they disappear.

Sirens and PA systems for public protection

When an emergency takes place, it’s often difficult to let the public know promptly. That is why Police now use a carefully designed siren and PA system in dangerous situations. They started using that technique shortly after September 11th, 2001. At the time, law enforcement claimed it was impossible to alert the public fast enough, and so many people died unnecessarily. With a bit of luck, that should never happen again because Officers can evacuate areas much quicker using sirens and PAs.

Intelligence systems for catching criminals

Most people should know that all Police cars contain a small computer these days. It allows Officers to identify criminals quickly and efficiently when making their rounds. Within seconds, any member of law enforcement can find a wealth of information on anyone they might encounter. They have full access to their Police records, and the system will highlight any outstanding warrants. So, it’s much harder for people on the wrong side of the law to slip through the net. The software and databases used at Police HQ are even more advanced, and they allow specialists to share information with the FBI and CIA.

We thanked our connection for his time and information before heading back to the office to write this article. While there are lots of other ways Police use technology, the ones mentioned today make the biggest impact. Just be thankful that we have people out there with the imagination to create this stuff. Nobody wants to go back to traditional policing where the chances of catching a criminal were almost zero. Will the Police continue to use gadgets to increase public protection in the future? You can bet your bottom dollar. We’re all just waiting to hear about the next big advancement as it hits the marketplace.

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