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Samsung Updates Note 5 Stylus Holder To Solve Jamming

Samsung has redesigned its Galaxy Note 5 to ensure the S-Pen stylus that accompanies the phone can no longer become stuck inside its holder.

Samsung updates Note 5 stylus Holder

Last year, users complained their phones had been damaged after accidentally placing the stylus in its holder upside down.

Initially, Samsung just told them to read the manual, updating the packaging to make these instructions clearer.

But now, the firm has said it has changed the “internal S-Pen mechanism”.

“It is routine for manufacturers of smartphones to evolve the hardware to improve it during the life of a model,” Ian Fogg, an analyst at consultants IHS, told The Social Magazine.

Many consumer electronics products, such as games consoles, also evolved in this way, he said.

“For Samsung, the likely reason they’ve done this is that they’ve seen customers being caught out by the stylus and they’ve had returns coming back to them so they’ve tweaked their design and manufacturing to void the problem,” Mr Fogg added.

Samsung confirmed the change to The Social Magazine and tech site The Verge, which hadpublished the company’s statement earlier.

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