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Top Traits That Make A Great Software Developer

One large part of our business in this modern day and age which many people take for granted is software development. If you are a modern business or you work primary online, you should consider hiring a software developer to be part of your business team. But what does a software developer actually do?


Identifying issues

One of the primary job functions of any software developer is to identify an issue within the business that could be better solved with software. This can be anything from a sales database, marketing program or even an application for your customers. A software developer will be able to look at the way the business works and decide what can be created to make a difference and improve the inner workings of the company.

Designing a program

The job as a software developer is spent in front of the computer building and designing software and making sure that they perform the tasks they set out to do. It is important that this is done by a professional because coding and programs can sometimes be very complex and need a keen eye to resolve.

Test the program before it is ready

An important job to complete once the prototype of an application is completed is the testing phase. Testing a program can involve several different steps, and will likely involve getting others to test the application and give their thoughts on the user interface and the usability of the application. This is a crucial element in the development of a successful piece of software because it will allow the developer to work out any bugs or slow navigation before releasing it to the company or the public.

Monitor and update

Once a piece of software has been released and implemented into the workplace with training, a software developer will set about making sure that the app stays up to date and that there are no issues with the running. They will perform regular updates to improve the working of the application and to add any new features which are asked for by the user.

Now that we know a little more about what a software developer does within a business, we can truly see how important they can be to our business. When you are setting out to choose a software developer there will be several different criteria to look out for. Of course, the skills and qualifications held by the candidate are important, however, it is the traits of the person which will allow you to identify whether they are the right person for your team or not. Here are some of the traits you can look for when searching for a software developer to join your business.

1. Ability To Listen

It is crucial that a software developer is a good listener. When they are not coming up with ideas themselves to better improve your business, they need to be able to effectively listen to you and your needs for any given project. They will need to have the ability to listen to every word you say and truly understand what it is that you are looking for in an application or piece of software. If they don’t listen to you they will get the project wrong and waste everyone’s time.


If you are to hire a software developer or even a software agency for your project you need to ensure that they are dedicated to their craft. Svitla Systems is a top software development company in San Francisco and you will be able to see from their website that they take special care with their work. This is the kind of thing you need to look for when hiring a software developer. You want someone who genuinely loves the subject and is passionate about their work. This way, you know that you will always get the best possible service out of them with whatever project you choose.

3.Loves Learning

With any job that involves computers and software, there needs to be a sense of joy and wonder at the way things work. You want to hire someone who loves to learn about the inner workings of things and someone who is willing to carry on learning during work and their own time to develop their knowledge and skills in the field. Technical jobs like this are ever-evolving with new ideas, so anyone who wants to thrive in the field needs to be willing to work for it and push their learning beyond what their qualification gives.

4.Not Afraid To Experiment

If you task someone with creating something out of nothing, you will want someone who is not afraid to experiment with new ideas and techniques even if the odd mistake is made. It is better to have someone who is willing to try everything than someone who doesn’t want to stray from the norm. You will never be able to stand above your competition if you cannot be the one to stand outside the box and do something unique. If you can find someone who is a little eccentric, bring them on board and let them run wild.


Of course, if someone is going to be working with complex ideas and figures they need to be technically minded. You need someone who is a natural problem solver and someone who is incredibly smart. In an interview, you can test this by giving them a scenario or task and see how they do.


As well as technical skill, you will need someone who has the ability to analyze an issue, create a useful response and understand how things can be improved. Even after a piece of software has been rolled out you will need them to analyze the software and make sure it is performing correctly. They will need to be able to identify patterns, see issues and learn how best to work through them.

7.Great At Time Management

It goes without saying that someone who will be given such a complex role in the company is able to manage their time and tasks well. You can ask them what experiences they have had in the past and where they have shown the ability to manage time effectively. Make sure that they understand how to prioritize different tasks for the most efficient way of working throughout the day.

8.Good Communication Skills

During their time working with you as a software developer, they will need to liaise with you, your customers, coding specialists and a whole team of people who can make the job of creating your application easier. It is imperative that a software developer has the ability to work in a way where they are confident enough to build positive relationships with other professionals in your building and beyond.


Code can be a nightmare sometimes. What you may think should take a week to complete can, in fact, take a month or more after the coding screws up and snowballs your issues. Because of this, a software developer needs the ability to deal with things as they happen without becoming overwhelmed.

10.Team Player

And last but not least, anyone who comes into the software development business needs to work well in a team. It takes more than one person to create a piece of software and you will all have to work together cohesively to be successful on the job. Working as a team is at the heart of any business, and your team needs to get along.

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