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Italy Travel Guide

A visit to Italy often includes exploring the classic ruins and history of Rome as well as the beauty and art of Venice. Many world travelers say that Rome and Venice are the best that Italy has to offer. Although the cities seem worlds apart, it’s possible to drive, fly, or take a high-speed train to move between the cities. Rome is a large, congested city on terra firma. In comparison, Venice’s narrow streets and rides on the Grand Canal are worlds apart from any other city on earth.

Italy Travel Guide

Take the Train from Rome to Venice

Many Italy trips offer visitors the chance to travel Trenitalia, the Italian railway network. High-speed Frecciargento trains depart from Termini Station in Rome and arrive in Santa Lucia Station in Venice. If possible, choose a window seat to take in the Umbrian and Tuscan wine country.

You’ll also see Bologna and Florence on a train ride to Venice. When you depart the train, Venice’s Grand Canal is before you. Hail a vaporetto, a water bus, to reach your destination in Venice.

Take a Plane from Rome to Venice

If you’re planning to travel by plane in Italy, your tour guide is likely to recommend the national airline, Alitalia. The carrier has more routes within Italy than other airlines. A direct flight from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Marco Polo Airport in Venice takes about an hour. Alitalia offers five to six flights from Rome to Venice most days.

The tour guide will probably have a bus waiting at the airport. From there, it’s just a four to five-mile ride to the amazing water world of Venice.

Drive from Rome to Venice by Car or Bus

Some tours include a car or bus ride from Rome to Venice. Rome is about 335 miles from Venice. A non-stop drive will require about six hours. However, a tour operator is likely to stop and show you the sights along the way.

You’re likely to follow the A90 highway from Rome to the A1-E35 route. This northeastern route traces the top of Italy’s boot:

•    If the bus stops in Orvieto, you’ll have the chance to try a glass of locally grown dry white wine.

•    Stop in Siena to view Renaissance works of art.

•    With luck, you’ll stop for a meal in Bologna. Delicious Bolognese meat sauce was born here.

In Venice, you may depart the bus to catch a train into the city.  Your tour bus may park at Piazzale Roma or return to Rome with passengers.

Italy Tours

If this is your first trip to Italy, it’s challenging to plan how to get from Rome to Venice or where to stop in between. An experienced tour guide knows Italy. For instance, if your time in Italy is limited to five days or a week, you’ll probably want to take the Frecciargento. You’ll have an assigned seat, lots of leg room, and the ability to buy drinks and snacks on the train.

Driving from Rome to Venice is more complicated. Although driving allows you to stop and take in the local flavors in person, it’s not a good idea to plan to drive in Venice. The decision to fly from Rome to Venice saves time but adds expense. You’ll want to enjoy a truly splurge-worthy dinner of local fried fish and prosecco in Venice.

See Venice on Foot

The best way to see Venice is on foot. It’s a relatively short walk from one end of Venice to the other. Venice is fish-shaped. You’ll quickly learn your way around.
Traveling on foot is the least expensive way to see Venice.

The Cannaregio District, near the Venice train station, is a mysterious neighborhood full of tiny and narrow streets. The Santa Croce neighborhood’s fresh fish market is an amazing sight. You’ll see tons of squid, shrimp, salted cod for sale here. If you’re hungry, buy fresh vegetables and fruit here.

If your travel company includes a walking tour of Venice, you’ll may follow the main canal or take side streets to the Dorsoduro District. From the top of the Accademia Bridge, you’ll appreciate breath-taking views of Venice. At sunset, walk to St. Mark’s Square to watch the sun setting into the Adriatic Sea.

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