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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? If You Have 1 or More of These Symptoms,

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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Big Reasons Why Everyone Should Cycle To Work

The great news is, more and more people are taking to pedal power than ever before, or at least since the combustion engine was invented (there was bound to be bicycles everywhere before there were cars). However, there are still a ton of people that would prefer to commute to work in O-Zone eroding cars or on stuffy modes of public transport. This is something we find so hard to understand that we have to put it down to them having not heard about the major benefits of cycling.

major benefits of cycling

That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to narrow the biggest reasons down into one digestible list that should be more than enough reason for you to ditch everything and bike to work.

It’s Super Fun

Public transport is the antichrist of fun while being stuck in your car and locked in traffic is no one’s idea of a jolly. But biking is. That’s why people love going on the perfect cycling trips, why cycling always makes the list of Best Childhood Memories and the reason you should start cycling to work. What could be a better start to the day than having fun?

Get Shredded

We’re not going to throw a load of calorie-burning facts at you… okay, we are because cycling burns an average of 600 calories an hour. That means it is as good for you as jogging, while also being less harmful, much faster and, yup, more fun. So instead of getting fat in your car, you’re getting ripped on your commute. Two birds with one stone.

So Much Safety

With so many people leaning toward cycling these days, and the world trying to do its part in the climate change arena, more and more cities are becoming bike friendly. You have cycle lanes everywhere, rail & infrastructure projects that are aiming to make dangerous crossing safer and drivers than having an increased awareness as a result of all of this. Not to mention, with more people cycling that means there are fewer people driving and that means less chance of a collision.

Save Money

Cycling to work can save you a substantial amount of cash. Think about it. Using public transport has a direct cost associated with it in the form of a ticket, whether it be a pay as you go or a season pass. Then there is the cost of a car. Fuel, maintenance, insurance, tax, parking; it all adds up and it adds up to thousands per year. With that in mind, imagine cycling; you’re happier, you’re more ripped, you’re safer and now you’re even richer. Amazing.

Happier And More Intelligent

By cycling to work you are getting your endorphins going first thing in the morning, which makes are known to reduce stress, prevent depression, aid sleep, and build self-confidence, all of which will lead to a happier you. But that isn’t all because daily exercise also prevents cognitive decline by sharpening the mind and the memory. This means you’ll be on the ball from the moment you walk into work, which means you’ll be more likely to get a promotion and thus more likely to become a millionaire, and it is all from cycling.

Amazingly Convenient

There is nothing convenient about waiting for a bus that has been delayed for fifteen minutes, or waiting on a subway platform for a half hour because every carriage that comes past is chock full, or driving around and around trying to find a parking space. Traffic, delays, construction; all of these affect every form of transport except for cycling. You just leave the house, pedal, get to work, lock your bike and, voila, you’re there at the same time every day and you’re not stressed either. You can’t put a price on that. What’s more, you can put your work clothes in your backpack and get showered and changed at work, which is something you’ll wish you had done after sweating all the way to work on a hot and cramped bus.

Renewed Freedom

Think back to when your Dad taught you how to ride without stabilizers, the wind rushing through your hair, water streaming from your eyes, your heart pounding as you enjoy this new found freedom. Well, this is the same feeling you’ll get again, especially if you have endured years of sitting in traffic jams, watching as cyclist whizz past you singing a happy tune. On a bike, you can explore. You can try different routes and up different back streets. It is freedom you don’t get in a car or on public transport, and freedom is awesome.

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