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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? If You Have 1 or More of These Symptoms,

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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It’s Finally Summer! Flaunt your Figure with a Great Plus-Size One Piece

Summer is the time for people to get outside and enjoy the weather and what better place to chill out and work on your tan than the beach. No matter what size or shape, people everywhere crave the warm air and sunny skies — and don’t want to be judged when donning a swimsuit. As the heat rises so does the need to cool off. There is no better way to have fun and beat the heat than a good swim. For some, shopping for a fashionable swimsuit — especially between the sizes of 8 and 34 — used to be next to impossible. Now, however, there are more options than ever, thanks in part to a fashion industry that is starting to support the plus-size market. In the world of swimsuits, there are more colors and styles available than there were in past years. Everyone can show off at the beach or at the pool in their trendy new plus-sizeswimsuit.


Though she is considered plus-size model Ashley Graham was able to grab the cover of the infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and now she has partnered with plus-size exclusive swimwear retailer swimsuitsforall to offer this summer’s most impressive swimwear lineup. With both flattering one pieces and sexy bikinis, she showed the world that bigger sizes are nothing to hide behind. Thanks to models like Graham, women everywhere have been empowered to embrace their size and head out to the pool. It seems that all that is left to do is find the perfect one piece swimsuit online, one that celebrates your body type and allows you to feel confident and sexy.

Going to a store to pick out a new swimsuit can be tedious, especially for plus-sized women. While there are usually plenty of amazing styles to choose from, the sizes are extremely limited. Going online to find a trendy one piece swimsuit is becoming more popular with each passing season. There are entire companies that are dedicated to plus-sized swimsuits, making it easier than ever for women to find exactly what they need. The world of fashion is expanding and thanks to the efforts of several fashion-forward social thinking models like Tess Holliday, more and more companies are embracing plus-sized swimsuit design. The realization that not every woman is a size six is long overdue. Every woman, regardless of size, can now wear a cute and flattering swimsuit to the beach and get the most out of their summer.

Many plus-size women are looking to purchase a trendy one piece swimsuit to show off this summer. One piece swimsuits are not only flattering for plus-size women, but they can also make a statement. The days of struggling to find the right suit are over, and the future is here. This summer everyone can make sure they spend plenty of time in the sun and the water. Thanks to the online plus-size swimsuit revolution, the next heat wave is just one more thing to look forward to.

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