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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? If You Have 1 or More of These Symptoms,

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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Get Your Head In The Game: Three Spectator Sports You Should Get Into Right Now

Have you ever been in that position where someone asks you about sports? Even something simple like, what sports you watch? And you just can give them an answer. It’s not even that you don’t like sports! You’ve always liked the idea of getting into them, but you’ve just been able to do it. There’s nothing more awkward than when someone asks you something about sports and then all you can manage is a vague shrug. It’s the same with everyone crowding around the office water cooler to rave about some sports game, and you’re left on the outside. Well worry not, here are three spectator sports that you can get into easily and finally join in the discussion.



It’s the world’s most popular sport for a reason. Just about anyone can get into soccer, or football it’s called in Europe. With something round and two sticks for a goal anyone can start up a match. And it’s just as simple to understand as it is to play. There are very few bizarre rules or strange customs. Outside of the, actually rather simple, offside rule it couldn’t be more basic. Two teams, two goals, one ball. Sometimes the best part of watching soccer, whether you go to a match or crowd round the TV, is the way it brings people together. There are few things more exciting than spending the last few minutes of a game screaming alongside your friends and family. Especially when you find yourselves hugging with joy at the end of it all.

Horse racing

This one is simplicity itself. No teams, no goals. Just jockeys, horses, and a track. It might not seem as glamorous as some other sports, but there’s nothing like the visceral thrill of a horse race. From the moment the horses come tearing through the gate right up until the final moments, it’s a no holds barred white knuckle experience. You can practically feel the beating of the hooves on the ground as the animals race down the track. Plus it’s one of the best sports to put a little money down on. Just in case you needed another reason to get excited about the result.


Okay, hear me out. I know what you’ve heard. That cricket is boring. That nothing ever happens. That matches last longer than some celebrity marriages. Well let me tell you that that is simply untrue. Well, except that last one, some test matches really can go on. But cricket is one of the best sports to get together with your friends and family to enjoy watching. It’s filled with the same levels of tension and excitement as soccer and football. Plus there’s something amazing about getting to witness the physical prowess involved in the way the bowler throws the ball. It’s the little moments in cricket that make it worth watching. It’s easy to watch but if you wanted to dip into the more technical elements that’s there for you as well. Whether you’re a man, woman, nine or ninety-nine, anyone can enjoy this classic sport.

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