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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? If You Have 1 or More of These Symptoms,

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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What You Need to Know About Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Keeping your feet healthy is probably not something you have given much thought to. Most of us don’t consider the condition of our feet until we face a problem. The advice below will help you to keep them in top condition though.

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Keep Nails Trimmed

One of the most common foot problems that you can experience is ingrown toenails. It’s also a very unpleasant and painful problem. But it is one that can be avoided if you look after your feet properly. All you need to do is cut your nails carefully. You should cut a straight line across the top of the nail rather than trying to cut down the side. When you do cut down the side of the nail, you will cause it to start growing into your skin when the nail grows back.

Exercise to Improve Circulation

Because your feet are, obviously, the part of your body that are furthest away from your heart, they can suffer from poor circulation. This is a particular problem for older people, people with heart conditions and diabetics. But it can happen to anyone, so you need to make sure that the blood flow in your feet is as healthy as it can be. Doing exercise and getting problems fixed quickly will help with this. Physio treatment for painful feet is necessary if your exercise causes you pain.

Wash and Dry Your Feet

Washing your feet is very important, and it should be done once a day. This is not the same as soaking them though. Soaking your feet can actually be pretty damaging because it gets rid of the natural oils that help to keep your feet healthy. Washing them and drying them properly will keep them clean from dirt and any potential infection. If you fail to dry them correctly after they’ve been washed, you can make yourself more likely to suffer from problems such as athlete’s foot.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

The footwear you choose for your feet will play a huge part in the overall health of your feet. If you wear high heel shoes for too long, this can cause damage to your feet and ankles. So, you should make sure that you are wearing suitable footwear for the given situation. If you are going to be walking around a lot, your footwear should reflect this. You should also go shopping for shoes in the afternoon. This might sound like strange advice. But this is when your feet are more swollen, so they’re at their biggest at this time of the day.

Be Careful in Communal Areas

When you are walking anywhere that is communal, where other people will be walking without footwear, you need to be careful. The most common problem that is caused by this is fungal foot problems and verrucas. But that’s not all that can go wrong. Athlete’s foot can cause a lot of damage, especially to older people. And if you have cuts on your feet, it is very easy to pick up infections. So, if you’re walking around a swimming pool or changing room area, consider wearing flip flops to protect yourself.

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