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Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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The Challenges Facing Our Roads Today

There are many problems and issues that are facing our roads today. Governments are spending more money every year on maintaining and upgrading our roads. So, what are the main challenges that our roads are facing? There are so many issues, some of them are related to the increasing number of cars on the road, and others are caused by the weather. Read on to find out what the main concerns are and how they’re being dealt with by the relevant governments and authorities.

Reducing Serious Accidents

This is the major problem facing us at the moment. Road accidents cost thousands of lives each year. And there are many more than that who are injured on the road. Making roads safer is a huge challenge, and there is no silver bullet that is going to fix the problem. There are, however, some ideas that could help to reduce the problem in future.

Good marking and built-in safety features on roads is a good place to start. The engineering process should also place a larger emphasis on user safety. This combined with education and greater safety enhancements for consumer cars could turn the tide. You can visit to learn more about how roads can be made safer in the future.

Age and Deterioration

The most straightforward challenge that we face today relates to aging roads. When a road has been in place for a very long time and its age is starting to show, problems arise more frequently. That’s why increasing attention is having to be devoted to roads that are old and crumbling at the edges. As long as these roads are structurally sound, there’s not normally a need to replace them.

The deterioration that affects older roads is pretty slow and steady. That doesn’t mean that the problem can be ignored. But it does mean that there is time to fix these issues before they become too complex or expensive to fix. There are many types of deterioration, and they’re fixed in differing ways.


Highway Size Concerns

The uses of roads and the needs of road users change over time. In years gone by, the roads that are currently in place right now might have been perfectly suitable. But sometimes these roads are very old, and they’re not able to keep up with the demands of the modern world. Size is a big part of this. Old roads are often too narrow to be used safely by modern cars, trucks and buses.

There are companies out there that deal with the widening of highways. And you could learn more at a site like Widening highways can make accidents less likely because cars are less close together. So, it’s not surprising that many local authorities are now taking on the task of making roads wider.

Weather Extremes

We are experiencing more volatile weather conditions than ever before. When the weather is changing all the time, it’s hard for the physical structure of the roads to deal with it. For example, extremely cold weather can cause roads to expect and contract as the ice freezes and thaws. If this happens consistently and the road wasn’t built to deal with this kind of weather, problems will occur.

A similar thing can happen to roads when the weather is extremely hot. The weather has a much bigger effect on roads that many people realize. That’s why it’s important that roads are designed to the highest standards. That way, they’ll be able to cope with all kinds of weather conditions, however unexpected they get. This is something that takes investment and research though.


Nobody likes potholes. But the more we hate them and the more we discuss them, the more they seem to emerge on the road. It often seems like you rarely take a trip in your car these days without spotting a pothole. And when you don’t spot one, it’s usually because you’ve just driven right over it, damaging your car’s tyres in the process.

Better drainage systems near roads would have the effect of lessening potholes. When water gets into a crack or gap in the road, it can freeze or expand, and this eventually leads to potholes. Other than that, maintenance and not neglecting the road is the only other thing that can be done to combat potholes.

Safe Cycling

Cycling on busy roads is always a risk. And there has been an increased amount of attention given to the way cyclists are treated on the roads. This has happened because small cameras can now easily be attached to the helmets of cyclists. This means that they can now post their bad experiences with drivers online for the world to see. And we must now discuss how cycling on city roads can be made safer for cyclists.

The only way in which this can be done is by changing the way roads and cities are planned and designed. In Denmark, for instance, real thought is given to cycling when roads are being planned. And that has resulted in some of the safest conditions for cyclists anywhere in the world. All it takes is some planning and consideration.

The Future

The future will bring even more challenges, and some of them might not be too far ahead of us. The first thing to think about is how a major transition to electric-powered cars would be handled. This is something that most people accept will have to happen at some point if CO2 emissions are going to be reduced. But it will take investment. One proposal is to electrify major roads so that electric cars can be charged as they drive.

It might also be important to talk about self-driving cars in the future. We are not close to having these take over the way we drive just yet. But there are major companies like Google and Apple that are known to be working on this technology. It might be necessary to redesign the entire road network if we do all start letting our cars drive for us.

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