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Corbyn Seeks Labour Recovery In Scotland

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted Labour is the true anti-austerity party on his first visit to Scotland since being elected leader.

Corbyn Seeks Labour Recovery

The veteran left-winger travelled north of the border in a push to rebuild support after Labour’s virtual wipeout in the May election at the hands of the SNP.

His party now has just one MP in Scotland, compared to 41 in 2010.

And ahead of next year’s Holyrood elections, opinion polls indicate the Scottish nationalists have a firm lead.

Mr Corbyn is hoping his anti-austerity stance will win voters back to Labour from Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP.

He told The Social Magazine: “We are the party opposing austerity, we are the party standing up for young people, we are the party standing up for education in Scotland.”

Mr Corbyn admitted a “hangover” from Labour’s working with the Conservatives in the Better Together campaign ahead last September’s independence referendum had damaged the party in Scotland.

He said: “Labour has a Labour voice, Labour has a Labour tradition, it has an attitude and a vision which is about reducing inequality in our society, which is about providing real hope and opportunity for the poorest and young people within our society.”

He also argued across the UK, Labour had offered voters “a policy of austerity light”.

Mr Corbyn said: “Whilst there was good stuff in our manifesto undoubtedly, the problem was that overall we were looking at cuts in central government expenditure and they would be particularly damaging to all parts of the UK.”

With John McDonnell as his shadow chancellor, he said Labour would now have “a very different approach”.

Scottish Labour leader, Kezia Dugdale said: “Jeremy has connected with people across the country because he puts fairness first.

“That’s not just about giving everybody a fair chance in life but investing in our economy too.”

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