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Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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What Gives Montreal Its Certain Je Nais Sais Quoi?

Ooh, la la! That’s how people react when they hear you are going to visit Montreal. For sure, Canada has amazing hotspots, the British Columbia and Whistler combo being one of them. However, it’s the French Canadian region of Quebec which induces gasps from friends and family alike. In particular, it’s the city of Montreal. For some reason, MT has an aura which is hard to explain. Well, it is for the people who have never been. Anyone who has had good fortune knows exactly what makes it special. So, the following shouldn’t come as a surprise, then.


The French Language

French is about as sexy as it gets. Even when you don’t understand the words, the sounds seem to roll off the tongue. It sends shivers down the neck just thinking about it! Aside from the beauty of the mother tongue, there’s a sense of real culture. Normally, in English-speaking countries, it feels as if you are at home somehow, or in another friend’s house. Quebec and Montreal have a greater sense of culture thanks to their European ties. In fact, it’s that cool that the struggle to be understood is quite entertaining. P.S. the majority of people speak English, too.

It’s An Island

Yep, not many people know this about Montreal but it is surrounded by water. Indeed, there are 400 islands in the province, but MT is the standout contender by a mile. To begin with, it’s an island in its own right and not just because it’s part of the state. Secondly, it’s a huge megalopolis which spans miles long. There are only a few cities in the world that can boast the same, NYC being one. Adding to its uniqueness, Montreal seemingly has a big city mentality with an island attitude. You don’t get the same in Thailand or Indonesia.

Everything Is Close

Despite the fact it’s a rather large city – 431.5km – it’s not inaccessible. Simply put, everything feels as if it is in reach even when it’s miles away. One reason for this is because the sights and attractions are grouped rather nicely. The Residence Inn Montreal Airport is a short journey away from tourist traps such as Technoparc Montreal and the Saint-Laurent borough. In general, airports are tens of kilometers outside of the city. Secondly, there are excellent transport links which get you from A to B in minutes. More than that, though, the city is flat and that makes it ideal for walking.



Mount Royal

Saying that the city is built on a mountain, the one from which it gets its name. The terrain is still mostly flat in the central areas, but the further you venture out, the rockier it gets. This is an incredible feature because most North American cities seem as if they have been raised overnight. Being able to check out nature and breathe in scenic views of the metropolitan area makes Mount Royal/Montreal an extraordinary place.

And there you have it – Montreal is voila!

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