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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? If You Have 1 or More of These Symptoms,

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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The Tech That’s Improving Consumer Experience

The growth in the technology sector is ever-expanding, and fortunately for the consumer, there’s increasing focus on providing quick and easy processes when it comes to service. Customers are being kept happy; by being able to make purchases and organize their lives with as little effort as possible, their inclination to shop is rising. Not only is tech playing a significant part in the patron’s positive experience, but the results are also good news for businesses big and small everywhere, and the economy can start to smile again.

The Tech That's Improving Consumer Experience

Digital experiences are happening within store environments more regularly. Customers now have the luxury of using in-store tablets to watch videos and read reviews on the products they are considering; giving them the control back over their shopping choices and removing the pressure of an often dreaded, sales assistant. Having the technology already set up within the retail space also means the consumer doesn’t have to download an app to their own phones, another reason it’s an appealing option. See how sports-brand giants, Nike built multi-user terminals to expand their shopper’s experience here.

In some larger stores, technology has been developed to enable the customer to use their smartphone or tablet to navigate around the retail space. This tech will take a notable chunk out of the time and stress it takes to find specific products; resulting in a calmer consumer and a boost in sales.

Shoppers are able to virtually put items on a wishlist as they window-shop online, and now the tech can accompany the shopper into the store on their smartphone. This also enables retail businesses to notify the customer when they are nearing one of the items on their ecommerce wishlist. There is a real focus on the connection between shop owner and shopper; through an immersive digital experience, changing the face of business as we traditionally know it.

Companies are ensuring their tech is as simple for the consumer to use as possible. By keeping the influx of information the customer receives clear and concise, and by designing a friendly UI, the less tech-savvy won’t be put off and will start to embrace a new way of browsing and purchasing products.

By collecting the information obtained from the ecommerce shopper, and utilizing it within the off-line retail space, consumer data will increase and help both the retailer and its customers. If shopping habits are recorded, it will be straightforward to send out tailored marketing; such as special offers and new or restocked item notifications. This personalized approach ensures the patron isn’t getting inbound marketing that doesn’t relate to them and it won’t be going straight into their spam folder.

Technology isn’t just happening within the store environment; there are a plethora of apps focused on planning your shopping trip. Many apps concentrate on getting you there in the quickest time possible or helping you choose where to eat when you’re in the area. It seems the more information the consumer gives out, the more supportive service they are receiving back from technology; resulting in more uncomplicated experiences.

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