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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? If You Have 1 or More of These Symptoms,

Are you eating too much sugar? Though the recommended daily amount of added sugar tops out at 25 grams (six teaspoons) for women, your...

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Improving Our Connection To All That Is: Why And How

Many people in the Western world don’t realize that we have a natural connection to ‘all that is’. It might sound strange to you now, but think of it like this; it’s like a never ending wi-fi connection. Anything we need to know, we can access it. You can take tribes, and other people that live away from scaremongering news and technology as an example. They just ‘know’ when something is going to happen, and even believe they can send telepathic messages to one another. They think this is completely natural and can’t understand why Westerners don’t seem to do it!

The Truth is, our separateness is just an illusion. None of us are actually separate from each other, or ‘the source’ (the energy we all came from, sometimes called ‘god’). Safe in this knowledge, it only makes sense that we can send messages and access just about any information we want, when we want it. This is why sitting in quiet meditation is said to bring you the answers you seek! Yet, so many people fail to do it. Some people are aware there is a higher power, and that they have an almost ‘psychic ability’. Some have abilities stronger than others. For some, they seem to come and go. The signs that you may have psychic ability may vary. We are all psychic in our own way. However, some people fail to notice it because of modern day stresses and distractions.

To make the most of what we’re capable of, you should take the steps to improve your connection to all that is. Think about it; if you’re confused about the direction to go in, the answer comes to you effortlessly. If you want to know the answer to an important question, you trust and the answer will come. We’re all far more powerful than we know! You might think this is all rubbish, like so many others do, but there’s proof all over the place that this is the case! Let’s take a look at how you can improve your connection and realize your power today:



Meditation is simply about sitting still for a while and focusing on your breathing. You never put too much pressure on yourself at first. You try to stop thoughts from plaguing your brain, but don’t feel stressed out if they do. Let them pass. You can even imagine them just passing through, like a fluffy cloud over a blue sky. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. There are apps to help you, or you can do it alone. There are plenty of benefits to meditation. Not only will you improve your connection to yourself and all that is, you’ll also experience less stress!

Learn To Listen To Your Intuition

There’s a little voice inside all of us telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. In some cases, this is our intuition. The intuition always comes from a place of love. You might notice that it sounds different to your own thoughts, for instance. It takes practice to learn when your intuition is speaking to you, but it will get stronger. We’ve all thought, ‘why didn’t I listen to myself?’ at some point in our lives. That’s because we ignored intuition!

Ask For A Sign

If you don’t believe in the power of yourself and the universe, ask for a sign. Say it out loud, or write it down. This might be a big sunflower, a pink car, or something else that you don’t see regularly. The key to really set your intention by focusing on it powerfully. Do this for maybe a minute. You can meditate on it, or just think about how you’ll feel when you see your sign. Then, try your best to forget about it. Don’t look for it everywhere you go. When you least expect it, it’ll crop up. People who do this are shocked to have their sign show up within the hour!

Spend More Time In Nature

The more time you spend in nature, the better. Take your shoes off and feel the grass on your feet. Breathe in the fresh air. You can even try to listen to messages the plants may have for you! This might sound crazy, but many people believe that the earth speaks to us.

Try Yoga

Yoga is the perfect way of getting in touch with your body and listening to inner messages. It’s also a brilliant form of exercise!

Eat Natural Foods And Drink Purified Water

Most people don’t realize that junk foods block the connection to all that is. Eating too much of them can completely dull our sparkle. Eat more natural foods and purified water.

Take A Step Back From The News And Technology

Finally, take a step back from all of the scaremongering out there. Focusing on the positive in the world will make all the difference!

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