Workplace bullying leads to verbal, physical, social, psychosomatic maltreatment by your employees, another person or group of people at work. As a matter of fact, workplace bullying can take place in any type of workplaces such as offices, restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, workshops, community groups, and government departments.

Why People Are Bullied at Workplace

On a daily basis, employees across the nation are often bullied and abused at work. In fact, the issue of workplace bullying is a mounting problem that affects nearly 30% of all employees during their careers, according to the Workplace Bullying Institution.

As per research, workplace bullying affects 54 million Americans annually.

Here are some unavoidable reasons why people are getting targeted by workplace bullies.

  1. Skilled workers are often bullied

The reason why skilled workers are bullied at work is that maybe your creativity attracts a lot of positive attention for your work.

You are expectedly intelligent, creative, determined, and contributing new and innovative ideas on a daily basis.

All these things lead to being a magnet for the attention of workplace bullies. Consequently, they tend to target you because they either feel inferiority complex or they fear that their work may be overshadowed by your creativity and smart work.

  1. Popular and well-favoured workers are bullied easily

It’s a misconception that all victims of bullying are loners and outcasts having no friends and social connections. Mostly the popular and well-liked workers fall prey to workplace bullying. If you are well-liked at the workplace, this could be the reason behind the attacks and pokes at you from the office bully.

  1. Good and caring people are mostly the targets

If you are known as caring, social, and collaborative, this may be the reason that can serve to ride roughshod over you. Good and caring people are a key factor that helps make build a strong team. In fact, you are a strong team player that provokes bullies that need controlling. You may also be targeted for merely being honest and ethical.

  1. Introverted and submissive people become the victim of bullies

If you are introvert, nervous, or docile, you more likely have to be bullied at the workplace than those who are extrovert and strong-willed. Sometimes physical bullying gets you injured on the job for being so meek.

Actually, research has shown if grown-ups work to develop their confidence and decisive abilities, they may lessen the probability that they will be targetted by workplace menaces. There is also some proof that dejection and different pressure related conditions may pull in the consideration of menaces. If you are undergoing any of these conditions, it is critical to get treatment.

  1. Targets Are Viewed banally or Prejudicially

In other words, you might be targetted in view of your gender, your age, your race, your sexual liking or your religion. You may also be harassed if you have an affliction or a malady. Whatever the reason, workplace bullies single out and target people who are not the same as them somehow or another. They are also inclined to discriminate against others. On the off chance that you are being bullied for any of these reasons, you may avail some legal option.


Bullying is a form of belligerence that can crop up anywhere. Bullies can intimidate your child at school, abuse your teenager online, or coerce you at work.